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Tuesday, December 18

I hate to say this... but I really can't help it! HURRAY! I got my first PDA PHONE!!!!! My darling decided to sign a new plan with Singtel, having her old Starhub line to number port to Singtel. Since she want to sign up a new plan, might as well get a new phone as it will be cheaper! I decided on W960i, K850i and P1i initially, but having a long thought and browse for information about them, the application is no way to be near to a real PDA Phone!

I met my dearie at Singtel Com Centre and thought that there will be tons of people but surprisingly!!!! Not much! hahaha. Luckily I chose there then Taka as there will be quite a number of people since there are so many window shoppers around. We tested out the phone and taking K850i out since it is quite bulky compared to K770i and the rest. And also, W960i is out after my dearie seem the demo on screen. She decided on P1i for me as this is a gift from her since I always bought things for her. Hehe... But I told her that my fat finger will cause me a lot of problem while pressing the qwerty keyboard. So end up, hehehe HTC TyTN II! Woot!!! Of course I wouldn't let my darling pay all as I insist of paying half of it.

With the price of $888, I trade in my old W810i to Singtel at $150 so end up paying only $738. Compared to mobile square, they put on notice that they take in only at $140 so I rather pass to Singtel. I was so afraid of getting such a beauty phone for no reason why... I tend to have such feeling that while people were living in such a poor facility and not having good technology, why am I getting such a good stuff. As my dearie said... for rewarding.. so I obliged. :p

Anyway I love the phone! :p We went to mobile square get her S500i to trade off at $150 and using the sum of money left, we had deduct off for the screen protector for both mine and K700i phone and leather casing. Heee... Almost wanted to pay him for doing the stuff till the guy mentioned that it was deducted off from the S500i. Haha.. Made a big hoo ha though. Now, got to find more programs for my PDA phone and there are slight stuff that I need to understand and make it clear. Got to thanks PPCsg people for clearing off my doubts. Haha... Been playing for a long time and I can't seem to stop it.... look like it's a good choice thou.

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