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Friday, December 14

I guess that if everything still going to stress me out, I will get myself suffer from serious heart problem. I do like been happy and not too bothered by many stuff, but sometimes it doesn't appear in that way. I still got to face it no matter what, yes... endure or what. I rather remain silent and not starting some argumentative topic which led to no end. Silent is the best medicine for me but I know it is not good for myself.... I may even lead to some heart problem if I chose this way but this is what I preferred to. I can feel my chest tighten and some aching symptom whenever I feel so fed up. What's the point of argue? Why can't everyone just been happy and that's all? Maybe the sentence is right:"Nothing is perfect in this world."

I'm saying not because I wanna show my anger... just a point of my view... If I were to leave this world.... what will happen then? I just want to feel happy... no doubt I am sensitive and having bad tempered, but I chose not to shout but to show my cold shoulder. All I really want is just happy to share... and not let other things make me feel so troubled....

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