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Monday, December 31

19 more days.... and yes.. it is getting so near that I can't believe my eyes. Most of the things had been done but still, the cars have not been rent yet. That's the only worried I had currently. Other than that, GOODY.

Another headache is my mom who had been complaining about her headache and dress. I know that she having such headache due to nervous but she just kept denying. I am not that stupid at all... but sometime, her action does make people damn pissed over it.

More of stuff been done and soon, but it seem there will be ongoing minor things that we got to handle it. How weird though... 19 more days and little time to handle. Thanks Kelvin who is currently helping me to do the animation before our first march in. And got to thanks lots of people who will be helping out... :) I really appreciate a lot. Money is going down... but I am hoping that I will not need use any of the Easi Credit from bank... yah.. incurring more cost..

New Year... 2008. I welcome it and hoping it will be a nice and prosperity year for all of us. I got to thanks Jackson for helping us to transport some stuff over to our new house at CCK. And yes, my tenant had accidentally let the wind blew and lock the door from outside. So, there's no way they can open it and got to call for locksmith. Yes... Vincent came and help to open it. After he went to CCK, he dropped by my house to settle the PSP.. end up.. the battery sucks.. it kinda killed the PSP.. now I am still reviving it . haha

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