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Wednesday, November 28

Yeah.. The clip look alright after some trial and error. Damn great after I had finish Benny & Patty photos. And yes, that's what I did for the day in the office. I be meeting Benny & Patty this Saturday and pass them the DVDs that I had burned out for them. Hoping that they really love it a lot.

Of course, for my first time covering Actual Day assignment, I dare to say that I really did a fine job. Though its not 'WOW' effect, but it's good enough thou. Diana peeped at my blog earlier on and she said that she like what I shot. Haha.. Thanks thou. What I shot may not appeal to all, like what Andy told me that this is not the concept he will accept. Haha.. I'm not a full time wedding photographer, so I will not hard sell myself to some forum for advertising my service. I would rather that when Benny & Patty showcase my work to their friends, if they like it.. it's a plus point! Or rather, some people actually browsed my blog before or my link and they engage me. I will feel happy that people who engage me because they like the work and not because of 'fame pricing'. :)

I seen the photos from Bridal Shop and well, I am neither sad nor happy with the output. It's a 'ok-ok' shot. Partly, both of us weren't having lots of fun but I am glad that comparing of this Lim photographer to Gucci, I guessed that I will get more piss on Gucci instead. After hearing some incident happened to my coll's friend, I totally jaw drop! Things like insensitive sentences, been rude, rough to bridal... Is he freaking trying to show something??? My god.. Anyway, it is not my business to deal with him anyway. I only chose 26 photos in total and got one photo by paying it. To me, the dressing is the same, about the same expression, same scenario =/= need not to get all of them. Unless both of us just LOVE the god damn WOW photos and with the scenery. But since its only a few, I only opt for 26 photos and I rather have less photos on the album then a big thick one. I will feel bored after flipping 5 pages of the studio book. LOL.... Unless there are SO Much of different style, then ok, I will look on. If not, I do not want to have the situation of paying so much and getting same things or just to get the book thick. I guess that every people had different type of thinking towards selecting of photos.

Most of the stuff are done and left to buy some Guo da li stuff, bride/groom personal things and ang pow.. haha.. luckily the hard earning money came in just in time for me to pay off the car rental and angpow and wedding cake too.

I had not started on my Photo montage for the first march in so I be waiting for the rest of the photos to come in (from BS), cause I need some of it to show to all the guest).

The songs that I compiled are mixture of Mandarin and English, yes there are some old tunes, but they are the real classic one! I did a check on the lyrics before selecting them. haha... Here goes:

許志安與許慧欣 - 戀愛頻率
陶 吉吉與蔡依林 -今天你要嫁給我
陶 吉吉 - 愛,很簡單
蘇永康與陳潔儀 - 愛的正好
梁靜茹與品冠 - 明明很愛你
潘瑋柏 - 說你愛我
Jim Brickman - Destiny
Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply
N'Sync - This I Promise Me
Elton John - Can you Feel The Love Tonight
Leann Rimes - I Need You
KC & JoJo - All My Life
Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey - Endless Love
Andy William & Denise Van Outen - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
All 4 One - I Swear
98 Degrees - I Do (Cherish You)
Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One
Boy II Men - I Make Love To You

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