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Monday, November 5

Yah.. What can I say? Its a fuck up traffic today! First, I got jammed up for 45min at BKE and it's not even going pass the ERP yet. And slowly the bus driver got fed up and went to the extreme right to cut it in and yes he did it smoothly but still the jam is inevitable! PIE also jam up for 30min due to accident near to Steven Road exit. It was 9.10am by the time I reached Steven Road and hoping it will not carry on jamming! Upon reaching Plaza Sing, yah.. cockster.. traffic light turn red when the bus about to cross it so again we waited. I can see everyone's eye is SO piss with today traffic!

This ain't stopping! Bras Basah road is again jamming up (I thought that the Suntec Road had been cleared? Why forever been working on it non stop! The traffic is damn headache!) Next, the bus attempted to make a right turn to Chjimes which is Hill St but for no god reason WHY!... it fucking jam up until all vehicles cannot travell for about 100m! I should have had alight at Funan and walk to Riverwalk then staying put in the bus! It's so idiotic traffic and to think along the stretch of Hill St (from Chjimes to The Riverwalk), I got jammed for 30min! Yah.. End up I report to work at 10am! WTF right? I really wonder what happen over in front of Chinatown though. headache!!!!!!! Today traffic Rate: TOP 1!

Yah.. I do not want to carry mention about the traffic. Last Saturday I went to IMM with my dearie to source out for Mattress. We thought of Mega Mattress and for no what reason, we head to Novena located in Akira shop. We saw some good platform bed and wanted to buy it so we start our measurement here and there. We did not buy the platform since we had to go home and do the measurement first. So, after we got an idea of what we want, I walked to the mattress section and the stock is only Four Stars. haha. But we never bought the mattress and head to IMM for window shopping. I told my dearie that since we are here, why not just go try and why bother about whether you want to have different brands in a shop? If that's the case, we should have gone up to Mega Mattress instead.

End up, my dearie obliged and we walked into Serta mattress and tested various of quality of bed. Anything can be cheap but mattress should not be since we be sleeping on it for the next 7hrs or more. The price are also wonderful too! Ranging from 2K to 3-4K! My god... But we should not be too tempted so we head up to another shop called: Sealy. We thought of skipping Simmons first as that will be the last shop we going to enter. These 3 shops are one of the best mattress. Apparently, Simmons is one of the best mattress and Sealy is one of the best selling mattress. They do belong to branded stuff and it is just like Giordano versus Burberry. Haa...

The feeling at Sealy is so cosy and I like the staff attitude to us. She had very positive ideas and let us understand even more! What she want to sell is service and not the mattress and of course thats one of the convincing sentences to make the customer buy! But frankly speaking, the service from her is very good! We tried various of the mattress too and one of the mattress I tested is so nice but costing 8K plus! Wow! haha.. Another that we like is 3K+ which some of the hotel also bought from them. It's one of the best selling in the shop. :) Another is Hotel Deluxe which what we bought. The feel is so good and according to her, guy is more to back sleeper and girl is more to side. Luckily both of us kinda side sleeper and it is best for us to take the mattress since we just tried on. We tested for 30min with 15min on back and another on side. It feel so comfortable and I almost dozed off. I am not selling that mattress but to voice out my review. The bed cost 3K plus too but it was on offer at $2299! Wow! That's near our budget! Oh yeah, this is so call Sealy Posturepedic and it is very good for different sleepers. Not only that, this bed allow us to flip the other way round so that the shape will be balance too! Because it is from Sealy, they had the guarantee of springs internally so there's no worries for it.

Also, with bed frame (Divan at the bottom) from Sealy, we just need to top up another $699! It is in brown color and the overall look so cosy because there's cushion lying on the frame! :) With that, we also get free bed sheet cover and 2 x pillows which is meant for side sleepers. hehe... Love it.. and hoping to see the bed this end Dec. :) *Can't wait for the bed though!*

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