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Friday, November 16

Tiring.... didn't get enough sleep and feeling damn shag out.. Here I am typing the blog ard 5am plus and preparing to go out work for the big day of Benny and Patty. I must keep telling myself not to be too quiet or what, I got to control the situation in order to get good picture. I must not be shy lest that all the wonderful stuff go pass me. I got to freeze every action that gonna happen today. :)

First day been an official photographer for wedding, I do feel a little nervous. Hee... I guess that I might be one of the first to arrive... It will took me only 40min to arrive and yet I had all set to go out soon, when the groom told me timing had been changed to 7.30am.

I guess I wouldn't have enough energy to carry on for tomorrow.. I deserve a good damn rest. lol

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