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Friday, November 2

Shall I carry on do my way by fixing the platform floor? I really got to see the budget of mine thou. It is so tight that I can't possibly to fork out anymore. I kept wondering shall I just do it and think later since I really want to give my dearie a comfort and real cosy area. Hmm I guessed that money is one big issue that I have to look into it.

Anyway, I had been fixing up the computers since yesterday. Adding one amp to one of the CD player on our presenters desk since there's no volume control on the headphone or even a remote control! So, amp had to come in the way by solving the entire problem as the amp provide volume control. Next is to move the printer for printing our DVDs to another intern desk as we do not want to obstruct our presenters when they are selecting the music while we want to print the DVDs which to be send out to UK. So until this morning, I had been fixing my computer desk, laying out properly for all the cables and make sure everything run smoothly before I even start working on some productions. After I had hooked everything up, I started the computer and walked to the intern desk to re shuffle the stuff again. I had to fix the printer to the computer and since I am going to do this, might as well I clean is nicely! Well, when your desk is neat, you feel comfortable working on it! Isn't it right? I literally finished everything and looking at the time says: 12pm. Oh dear... I spent the entire half day fixing all these? haha Look like it does feel good when everything is in the proper manner. Now what I had to do is to install the rest of the application in this new PC of mine! Yes.. new! I got to install until... do not know when thou! But I do feel good about this computer and hope it will NOT fail on me! Because, if it does, I am gonna be chopped by my Manager. *phew*

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