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Thursday, November 1

It was a peaceful morning while taking the bus number 190 to work until one bastard prick switched on his stupid music with such a 'marvellous' volume! I did not know where does this boy came up from but he sat down on the last row of the bus while the bus stopped at Plaza Singapura. Immediately after a while, the boy turn on the loud music with an idiotic smirk on his face. He still dare to smile back to his friend sitting right in front of him.

I got so furious with such an irritating volume and it was one horrible music! Without much of hesitation as my girl and me sat at the same row too, but one corner. I told my my dearie that it was so irritating and I can see a lot of people felt so annoyed with that feeling! Everyone wanted to enjoy the ride to work with peaceful music in their ear or relax their mind but till this idiotic prick turn on the music so loud as it totally destroyed the entire mood! Giving no face, I cross over my dearie seat as I am sitting near the window, I shouted to the boy:"Hey! Eh! Could you mind turn off your radio! It was so Loud!" The boy almost not wanted to off the phone but there I am, still staring hard! Yes, he switched it off with such a shocked expression shown on his face! He still continue to stare at me while I am getting down from the last row walking towards the exit door. Of course, I did not stare back at his eye but his body movement. Yah.. given those kinda age, bound to act some Bengish. Come on man, what can you do? Beat me? I can simply called up the police and let them entertain you. Why would I be scared if I done nothing wrong but to ask him to switched it off! Yes, before even I wanted to say him, he looked at me while I stared at him with no reaction from him! Doesn't he felt a little ashamed or what? I kept wondering, what the fuck is the earphone for? If you want to enjoy the music, PLEASE fucking use the earphone! Are you dumb idiotic or what. What you like doesn't mean others LOVE! Ass day!

Need not to care so much, I had my cartoon group with one more channel added with only $1.07! One cartoon group and cinemax were added on Tuesday! Luckily I went to OUB plaza instead of Plaza Singapura because there are lesser people! I got my number called once I had registered myself to the counter to get the Q number! Haha. Yah, due to adding of one more Cinemax channel which enable me to be in Asia World II value pack! And that means I had my first setup box FOC! Wow! Also, the total price for the channels were $48 adding extra $12 for one more set up box. So the total price will be $60 + 7% GST!

I got home and tried to hook up immediately but it doesn't seem to work since the tv of mine belong to those ancient times! Luckily I given one tv to my sister when I applied for my Cable Tv last time so I requested that if I can have it back! Cool things, she agreeable! So, before I head up to her house, we had a small celebration cutting cake with my dad as it is his Birthday! :) Happy B'day!

After which, I pushed the trolley (come in handy thou) with my sister and get the tv. We head off for dinner first after I placed the trolley at her house, it was 10pm by then and same time Veron was waiting at the inter change as she took 966 to Bukit Panjang then 188 to inter change to meet me. 3 of us went to one HDB kopitiam for dinner and waited for my Bro in law as he just knocked off!

So happily I went up their house to get the tv after our dinner. I head home with bulky tv while pushing the trolley on the road. Hehe.. I gotta be careful as every movement create a lot of motion due to rough terrain. I hooked up the tv immediately when I reach home! Alas, it works! I am having the entire FREE channels! I had no idea when it will cut off the channels that I never subscribe! But I simply never off the setup box of mine as I reckon that once it is switch off, the box will reboot and only get the source from Starhub. As for now, I only off the tv but not the box! I will monitor it when it will cut off. LOL

And also, freak the computer of mine... It began to show symptom while starting up and everything seem god damn slow! What the heck happen thou! Home computer is creating problem (no money to buy new one) where as office gave me a new computer! (It is HP!) Wow! hehe But I had to be guinea pig for sure! hehe

Now I got to think whether I want to do a platform floor in my bedroom but it will sure cost a lot to do it because I got to consider for the mattress as well. The platform will take up 3/4 of my room and it look just like Japanese's style and I can simply place my mattress any corner on the platform! Hmm... Or shall I buy a platform mattress bed? I guess the platform floor look cool and cosy a lot more!

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