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Thursday, November 15


I am so happy to purchase this Scandisk Card Reader from South Asia Computer. It cost me S$48 and it worth all the money... Compared to the last time, I will never forget that I bought one of the card reader from Sim Lim Square and I got to make a trip down to get it exchange due to faulty reading.

Due to this situation, it made me waited for an hour plus for the guy to check the entire card reader. End up, all the reader were unable to read all the cards format. It will never be able to read the 3 major cards: SD/ Memory Stick/ CF. One of them will not be able to read. And the USB also give so much problem due to unable to read it. No way I will get some cheaper products... I believe in brands that can provide me the benefits.

And yes, yesterday I was on MC due to my ankle injury. Doctor advised me not to walk too much as that give stress a lot on the injury. Miracle! I felt better the next day after eating the medicine! I was so delighted and decided to paint my room, so my dearie and me clear everything off, like dismantling my speaker down, remove my entire audio cable. So, if you notice I had 2 speakers on the left and right mounted on the wall. Been silly of me, I decided to remove the screw (mounted on the wall) with the speaker still stick on the holder. I mistaken that it is not stick on the speaker with double side tape. So after removing the 3rd screw, my left hand was holding the leg of the stand whilst the right holding the drill. End up, I called my dearie twice and the speaker decided to give way and smashed to the floor. Was that bad luck or good? Bad luck: got to spend a fortune on speaker. Good: If my dearie took 10sec to react back to me, if not her head will be seriously injured! Phew!

My entire transformer fallen inside of my speaker.

You can see the cone that is cracked.

Though the side damage wasn't that bad, but my transformer is in really bad shape.

Thats the overall look of my JBL Speaker.

Good bye my favourite JBL speaker.

Anyway, I will buy a better system when thing get better. At least I need not to spend another fortune when we move to the new house. So, the planning is there but not the money. LOL. Audio speaker can wait, but not the computer of mine which been failing on me these few days. It kept rebooting yesterday for no reason why and I am damn scared about it. I need my computer for work. I am not afraid of software crash as I know where to get it. It's only my C drive that cause me some shit problem, so I am hoping the rest of the hdd isn't. If not, the only thing to do is to buy a new computer. Maybe a PC desktop or a VAIO SZ series as Kelvin highly recommend. The overall PC price: $2800, VAIO SZ: $3999. Sighz.

Apart from that, I had no freaking idea why people like to curse on others when the person did nothing wrong. I told the fellow so many times that it is not right. Be it whatever, this guy had nothing to do with you! Why should you care so much as if you want to admit yourself as a Gay pal. :p I just hate people cursing and swearing, it is not about in front of me, I find that this is way so naive and childish. My god... I shall drop of the subject.

Tomorrow will be the first assignment given by my friend to do a Actual Day shoot. Of course I am quite nervous about it, fearing of wrong exposure and battery power. LOL. I even bought 4 x e2 Energizer batt which cost me $12 each. (Damn exp). Better be safe than sorry! I got to reach the Bride house by 7.30am latest and throughout the day until 2pm, I will head off to transfer photos to computer and do a backup on different drive while I will continue charge my Camera battery. Until 4pm, I will head off to Bukit Batok Hill Top for some shoot and attend the couple solemnisation ceremony. That will be from 4.30pm till 10pm! Yes, that is tiring and I guess this will be the first and last time I be receiving this job at the very low amount. Until everything is over (including of processing the photos), I will determine how much I will charge per wedding since I have a little experience. Of course, it will not a ridiculous jump but a gradual. Wedding is not the main aspect I am looking at, so I take it as helping/ learning/ have fun plus experience. :)

I will have another personal assignment which that will let me earn a little again. I can finally rent a car to travel around to buy some of the wedding preparation stuff like clothes, ang pow etc... Sunday is our food tasting day and from than, I will know who to invite to my wedding lunch banquet. I hope those I asked will be able to attend and hopefully for profit earning! Please...! hee... Everything will go smooth as I thought so... Need not to worry.. Stay happy! Oh yeah, I got to buy curtain so I will have to go Ikea to buy the metal wires that can hold the curtain. I am in need of Vacuum Cleaner also! hahaha...

Money!!! I must buy some Toto again... begging for some windfalls. :)

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