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Monday, November 12

I really want to blog this down. Below are all the entire photos taken over the weekend and inclusive of 7th Nov 2007 where we, 44Beatz, rock the house. I find that it is even troublesome for me to blog it through Flickr. So I rather do the direct copy and paste style from Flickr to my blog.

It had been months since I upload photos to Flickr and today.. yes.. I finally upload all of them which I just taken. During the event at PURE (MOS), majority photos were actually taken by Weijiang and I really appreciate for the kindness from him. :)

Meanwhile I also dismantle my 3 years plus fix and fixture table so that my King Size bed can come in on 29th Dec 2007. :) Yes.. I also be putting up of before and after. LOL. Do visit my Flickr if you wan to see more. I'm not going to show most of them over here. haha

Kelvin and me at Starbuck, Central with Ray, Jean and Weijiang. :)

Yah.. for god knows why.... Why 44Beatz? Not my name?! HAHAHA

Like a bear cutting a cake :p

May my Birthday Wish come true!

Not to forget my dearie bought this sweet mango cake too!

And not to forget for the amazing night that we rocked the whole PURE ROOM! Thanks for all the supports CLUBBERS!

Who say shaky image is lousy? It look nice to me thou.. at least I tried to maintain with my heavy gun! haha.. A start to remember.

Citrus (Weijiang gonna rock the house with the warmup sound.) Hey... he did a good job thou!

Don't wonder. That's Zann playing with lights. LOL

Due to poor lighting, AF is impossible so manual is the only way. haha.. Dim light give me.. bad focusing... the photo explain.. Whats up with Kelvin and Ray man!

Empty crowd with theDJ setup.

Starting to get in the mood.

From this crowd.....

To this! Hahahah Power huh!

That's Jean aka Reiki: Breaks DJ in Singapore.

Alright, thats me taking over the deck. Whats up with Kelvin man....

Me.. (Out of the way), Clark, Kelvin, Ray and Jean (Reiki)

I look extremely BLUR on this image! Hahaha

Look at the crowds when it's my slot! haha Great crowds since Jean set!!! Woo!

Our 44Beatz

Jump jump jump!

Cheers to the Clubbers!

Beat Weijiang for poor focusing.. Sorry guys.. I do not know her... Sweet huh. Heee

Zann taking over my set and gonna maintain the crowds! Woot!!!

I was laughing when Zann said:"CB, SABO me with Marco V Remix - Feel Like Home! Where got time to beat match." And I said:"Relax la bro.. you can do it...!"

And yes... finally my room... I shoot this because I love DJ light. Don't you think so? haha... Here goes!!! Oh.. thats the final time where my DJ set were placed.

My entire DJ setup.

I just love the lights!

My wife saw this reflection so I decided to help her by taking this down. :)

Yummy light!

And here's the close up:
Efx 1000

I should have let some light in... Yah.. its dark!

And that's how my room look like after clearing the entire things away on the table.

It's totally empty.

Meanwhile, my entire DJ set up will be place on the living room table.. Luckily I had this table... haha.. Yah.. my mom screamed at me by putting my stuff there. haha.. I shall JAM there!

Goodbye my table....

We taken the screw out from the wall that hold the table... we are still unable to get part of the table off... thus, we got to use out body weight to jump and sit on the table to create the big motion which will help by loosing the tightness.. It helped for the one at the left side since it is fix in SO tightly! I can't imagine that the side can hold both of our weight with 2 strong plastic which to hold the screw. And the tightness is really there to support the entire table! My god.. the skill is damn good! Next is the right side and we left 2 screw unable to take out as the tread were really gone. So after 1hr plus of using body weight to slam, it finally give way! Luckily I drill the wood on the side of the screw so that the entire table will not be able to give a stronghold. Instead, it will give way and drop on the floor. It was not an easy task to do it... let alone to fix it! To think, I even drill holes on the top of the tables so that it will break pieces by pieces... it was no use after all... End up, my body weight did a good job.. Ok.. I am heavy.. I didn't deny at all.. :p

And after 4 hours of dismantling, it look so empty and spacious.. left to paint the room. :)

I cannot imagine how my CPU had create the black portion to my wall on the corner left. haha

Darn.. after the gig, I'm suffering from some unknown injury. I had no idea how I injured it... Maybe due to jumping up and down and that's it! The pain was on my heel, lower to the foot. I can't even walk properly as the vein was pulling damn tightly. I tried to find sinseh yesterday, but either went away for 50min (not willing to wait), or the nearest Sinseh is at Bedok by Yu Ren Sheng and the sinseh went for dinner already. Sigh.... Got to endure the pain till I found the doctor. I need MC!!!! :(

And yes, after uploading of photos, naming them and blogging it with link of my photos from Flickr... it is already lunch time! Half day gone and time for super Josh to finish the rest of the work! haha

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