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Wednesday, November 21

I just feel like typing so I decided to blog it. LOL... and what should I talk about...

Yah... earlier on while doing some transferring, my lovely hdd decided to give way... Many times that I tried to transfer using 3 different PC, it just kept hanging half way. I had no idea why is this so. Could it be the casing or hdd itself decided to RIP? Sigh.. I do not wish to incur any cost at the moment. Hmm..

Been doing the photos non stop and I still had no done up to 50%. God damn it! Yesterday I suffered from serious ultimate backache and even after my parents had helped me massage my back, I still do not feel so well. I guessed that it must be long period of typing data base and long hours of processing photos in front of the computer. I got learn how to relax myself while doing these long period of work. Dans.. I just want to finish once and for all. Thanks to Adobe Lightroom, it made my work lightened a lot! I just simply copy and paste the setting on photos which I think it really fit in. And I managed to get the impact feeling for all of them! I felt so satisfy though. I hoped that this will bring me more jobs! So, I got to finish asap too. But to forget for my cousin side as well.

Thanks for some jobs that I managed to clear off some debts though. This Sunday will be our food tasting cum visiting to Bridal studio to pick up my darling evening dress and selecting of photos. I will be firmed by not over selecting since I set myself such high expectation and I do not want to further spend the money at all. Final and that's it. While all these had been done up, I got to make sure who will be coming for the lunch banquet. There are couple of friends whom I had already sent out my sms but some of them did not get back to me for the confirmation. For those, I will strike off the name and cut down on guests since I prefer a small scale. I know that I never attempt to make an effort to return sms to my friend who got married, now retribution. But anyway, these are the people who I will not return my sms to them if they ever asked. Whats the point of multi smsing when there's no reply at all. I will only be wasting my time and cost. Luckily I need to cut guests than increasing. LOL

More or less then guest list had been done up, so I be combining some tables to make sure each table will have 10 guests. While some are only with 8 who knew each other, I will attempt to break the group as I do not want the 2 guests feel so awkward to the rest of the other 8. This is win-win situation and I will try to make at least 3 guests sitting together so that they can talk to each other. :)

Mom just smsed me.. Congrats my Sister and bro in law got the white car. I guess it will be Suzuki SX4. Lovely. I be looking forward their new car! hehe

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