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Tuesday, November 27

Finally, I had finished Benny and Patty photos and will be sending them the DVDs real soon. Apart from that, I also include Soundslide too. It is a photo montage with music playing at the background. Many thanks for Darrel showing me this. And that include of the crazy HTML coding too. HAHA.. I shall try and see if it works big time though.. Keep my finger cross that nothing goes wrong. lol

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クラリンダ said...
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クラリンダ said...

I particularly like the grayscale shot of the long table, the grayscale shot of the car handle, the shot where the xiongdi was giving money, the table setting shot and the shot where the champagne was being poured. Nice job!

JoshO said...

Shoot... I didn't saw the comments until today! I hope you read it.. Thanks for the compliment.. :)

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