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Monday, November 19

Exhausted weekend... I took leave to cover Ricky's job as photographer for his friend. The place is at Spanish Village and I was told to reach the Bride house at 7am and then 7.30am after some changes. Luckily I took the bus instead of cab as I reached the destination at 7am! I decided to loiter around, rest in the compound before I head up to the bride house. I felt so relieved that I managed to reach in time just by taking the bus. I decided to went up to the house at 7.15am and only to find out that I was so early! End up the bride's sister telling me that the MUA will only reach at 8am! My god as I said! haha.. but indeed that the family really treat me so well and I get along well with the rest of the people in the house; which is a good sign! :)

It was funny that the Bride's brother didn't go down and open the car door for the groom and yet everyone shouted from 5th floor saying they are coward! I felt so confused! Haha.. I did told the guy about opening the door until he said that the groom was supposed to call him before he head down. All began with miscommunication because there's no such thing happen! haha.. Thanks Darrel for guiding me as both the groom and the guy had no idea what to do with the oranges! I just said, put it back to the car! That's all. And of course, their movement was so quick that I am unable to stop them at first! LOL. I missed that shot.

Everything went so well from the morning till I head home. Luckily that the couple stay at Commonwealth and I can just take the MRT home. First thing to do: load the photos to the computer/ charge the batteries. It was 4pm and I quickly pack up and head out to Bukit Batok CSC club. I felt so relieved that the area was so close to my house! haha.. While I was crossing the overhead bridge, I decided to felt that something is not right. I opened my bag and found out that I forgotten to take my camera batt! I quicken my pace back to home and grab the 2 batt! I even faster my pace back to bus stop and hoping I wouldn't be late! Just in time that I managed to reach the place at 4.30pm. The info given were 6.30pm will be ROM session and got to wait until when banquet start. I began to check out the area, doing test shot, making sure everything is fine. It was 8.45pm when the banquet finally start!

The brothers and sisters were interesting thou as they introduce themselves turns by turns. Not to forget, they also do the introduction by walking down from main entrance to their desk for both parents. Haha.. It is interesting thou but I didn't managed to get a good shot thou. And yes, this go for the couples as well. I failed terribly on the march in. :( So I am determine to get it right on the 2nd march in. :) Hoping the processing will be good. The couple is nice as they reserve a seat for me but best thing, I didn't know where is table no.14! haha. So I didn't eat it in the end. So, I just walk around snapping whatever I can.

Everything was so smooth when my camera batt show: low batt diagram on the screen. I quickly went to get the fresh batt. I used 6 x powerex AA batts but it doesn't work so, I faster use the Energizer e2 batteries! Phew! I works. I come to an understanding by Darrel that rechargeable batteries do not work well with camera. It was at the time that I need to get table shot and after 10 tables, I saw the diagram battery life drop again! I was SO freaking worried! So I got to do one shot one kill by not having 2 shot to play safe. I got to off my cam and flash to reserve the battery life till the end of the day. Yes... it does last long! So, the verdict is, get 4 x camera batt for wedding shoot. at least 4 set of AA batt for flash. It was a rush job and I got no time to get it from Darrel. But I counted myself lucky thou!

I reached home and saw all my aunts were in the house as they got to attend for my cousin actual wedding ceremony. And they got to reach my cousin house at 5am! Yah, my cousin got to reach back to his own house by 7am (same as mine though). After resting, I went back to sleep and that's it for Friday!

Saturday was a relax day and both of us decided to go to Jurong East. After we had our lunch, I decided to go to Science Center for a walk and due to raining, we decided to buy the tickets and head in there! It was like been 10 over years ever since I entered Science Center! haha. We got hooked up and spent about 3hrs in there! Woo!!! I was so curious to Jurong East (I grew up there), I dragged my darling to Jurong East Library because I had not been there ever since the renovation. Everything just appeared so nice and I began to think back of the past. LOL> I can still remember the old layout of library. And in order to print the books, we got to buy tickets from librarian so that this will indicate how many pages we can print. Of course, we had to slot the card in the small machine which indicate the pages. Hehe..I remembered my friends and me always did that by printing my favorite project: Transportation.

Next, we went in and see Jurong East Entertainment Center. Hahaha.. been a long time since I really visited there and everything changes so much except for Fuji Ice Palace! haha.

It was 7pm when i got home and rest till my aunt called me up to shoot for my cousin wedding lunch banquet. I didn't hesitate much and agreed. After short conversation, I found out that they only want me shoot for reception and not table shot. I was... huh?! Since I go, might as well just shoot everything! Why bits by bits?! This is so weird though. I can frankly say that I felt so invisible when I was shooting reception (one of the worst shoot I ever want to do). No one approach me to shoot, couple treat me so invisible when their frenz had captured using their cam and left without asking me want to shoot for them! Was my cam that bad? Sigh... few times and I felt so annoyed that I went back to the ballroom and sit down not even want to shoot. I did complained to my mom and other aunt that I felt so irritated and everyone treat me so glass! This is disaster! Why would someone not want to capture the most memorable day? This is so weird that I had no idea why?!

End up, my cousin suddenly appeared before me informing that they would like to have table shoot. Of course I am agreeable! If not, for what the crap I brought my cam along?! Before the banquet start, I went outside and tell them about the procedure and again to inform them to take photos with their friends if they want. It's only today for you two and no more afterwards. Better to capture it. Of course everything went well and my aunt was so happy to take photos too. When they said that they do not want to take photos, they kept taking non stop! My god.. funny huh.. No matter what, it is just one day to capture the moment. Why make such a big fuss by not taking it. Weird as I thought so. Yah.. the rest of my cousin felt so grateful that I am helping out and luckily I had nothing on for the day, if not that's it for them. And my aunt will be damn upset about it. So long they are happy, I am too. Just that the angpow actually came from my aunt and not the couple. So, I decided to return part of the money back to my aunt.

Yes.. friday... I got something on and I be earning again. Nice one... Got to take half day leave. :)

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