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Monday, October 29

Wow.. whats up with my coll today. One brought Goreng Pisang and another Curry Puff (the boss who run away with Tax)! Hahaha Guess I do not need to have lunch today since there's piles after piles of works today. Steam!!!!

Just read my Sister blog! FUCKING FUNNY!!!!

Oh yeah.. Its been a long time since I peeped at my sister blog until last Friday my dearie was sitting at my work desk while I am doing recording in the studio; she can't seem to type any English url (Because I set to Chinese hahaha), so she clicked a lot of my friends blog on my blog. Hahaha.. Yeah.. now I am relax thus I peeped at my sister blog.. Darn... Taipei.. Her pic so nice.. Can I go???

yeah.. My bro in law mentioned to her (as read in her blog).

We pay extra 10 cents while taking Non Aircon bus! hahaha Yeah yeah! I remembered that! I remembered that I do not want to paste the stamp on my Bus Pass (Walao, been a long time since I heard this word) and I was hold by the bus driver and paste it infront of him. yah. I remembered him (obvious reason). Bus driver of TIBS no. 180 in the morning of 6.45am. Usually while he stop at Teck Whye bus stop, he will shout at all school student to move back! haha.. His thunder voice is so loud that those soundly asleep were awake! hehe.. Yah.. Thats life as I recall back during my Secondary School life.

I recall as my sister told me about 劉海 (fringe) what the fuck! I often had that hidden in my hair! Some of us like to use stupid thing to hide it like stapler or scotch tape! haha. Yeah, some gel is so much and show his hair is short but, in fact he cut overlap so teachers often let him go freely. Basket!

One day, after flag raising ceremony, all teachers were conducting hair check and this time round : Idiotic way. Teachers will use comb to comb down our hairs (front) and if it past over our eyebrows, the excess will be cut off! I am like.. WTF, you combed down means you force it down! If you comb it down, it is not even at eyebrow! Period! Yah... US Master shoes, NO RED LINE! What a stupid idiotic thinking! period again!

Hahahaha... I can't help thinking of my school days. Yah.. I will have a lot to write about it. Anyway, had a fabulous meal at my Sister's place and that come along with Choc Fondue. Hehe. My Bro in Law kept drooling over it. Hmm. After a while his sister came to visit with the new born baby. Haha Of course, BABY WHAT! All play with him. What else. haha.. I'm hoping there's good news from sister ;) Of course, let nature take its own course. Sometime, hoping too much often led to negative so lets remain positive and let nature take its own course. :)


Yes.. good news from my pal. Hoping everything will goes as smooth as we thought of. Hehe

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