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Thursday, October 25

What the hell happened man. I tried to put in the youtube link and it always get messed up. Sometime I really wonder why is this so... link get cranky? (Ok, next time I shall double check it)

Yeah... the 'Dean' funny guy : Dean, found me and even emailed about it! Haha. Cool dude!!! Glad that we share the same frequency about: Photographing and Sound. If you do not know, yeah.. Im in the almost the same industry of yours too!

Facebook is getting more and more fun! I got hooked on DVDs/ Books shelves! Hah! And I even had more people joining me to Warbook! Let's create some attack and thrash the people down! First of all, let me create alliance gang before we work as a team! Inspired by Mr Dean, my coll and me would like to do something funny too! Wait till everyone is free first then! Ho Ho Ho!

7th Nov is coming and I had no idea what the freak am I going to whack in PURE (MOS)! Yeah! It's holiday the day after 7th so everyone, COME ON DOWN AND PARTY!!! Guys, make yourself to 44Beatz and register while the gals can just Q up for the free entry since it's Ladies Nite! Be sure to come on down with your pals. The line up will be Weijiang, Neilee, Clark, Jean,Josh,Kelvin and Zann. Yeah, my timing is 2-3am ;)

Next will be a hilarious time of Lime Sonic Fest on 17th Nov! (What a month line up gig). After that, I got to get ready lots of my wedding preparation like shirts, belt, shoes, mattress, bed frame and painting of our sweety room! Heh! More to come though! Before I forget, I really want to know who actually can get a VAT Identification number since I wanted to buy 3 x DVDs from overseas (Netherland). If I had to pay without VAT, I got to provide VAT ID which normally the company will give it to Dutch custom. As far I am concern, I did ordered vinyls from UK before and I am not told to pay any of the VAT! Their VAT is a total of 19% (darnz) and locally (Singapore), we pay 7% GST. However the Mr nice guy told me that he can waive it off for me though but I am not sure of the total price. I got to call Citibank and inquire about the VAT question if I am using their Credit Card to pay, will they provide VAT ID to Dutch custom as so that we will not be charged. Hmm...

Hoping to get the DVDs and learn more! Tight cash now.. I need some windfalls!!!

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