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Monday, October 1

Tough weekend. I'm wondering I have enough rest or not! The painting is great but yet frustrating due to the stupid rock stone which make it damn hard to paint! It took 3-4 coat of paint to ensure the wall is nicely done up. If not, you be seeing just some stupid patches by patches as if it is like a zebra logo. :p

Best of all, the 20 litre of paint isn't enough to paint the entire house! I left 2 more coat on the living room and the staircase, not to forget one more bedroom to cover all with white color. I only managed to paint it nicely on the living which is only Half of it! Sigh.. tough tough tough... We going to buy 1 more big paint and cover whatever I can. The remaining will be covering some disgusting area! Thats a total disgusting though. Luckily the Master bedroom looks alright and we need not to cover it with new coat of paint. But, this is more the enough to kill us. Thanks for my Dad who help out a lot yesterday. He is fast and I am so useless for not able to paint as fast as I thought of. Never mind that, I shall finish the rest asap by this week. And next will come for the 2nd cleaning of the floor!

Next Wed will be our photoshoot and my darling with me had no idea whether which location we intended to go! haha So, we shall leave it as it is. Anyway, the photoshoot (be it studio or outdoor): SUCKS! I am not willing to pay more for the photographs!

Bills payment: Done all and back to square one.. : BROKE! :p

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