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Tuesday, October 30

Today seem to be a relax day (Finally). I got to think hard what to write on my daily task as our superior want to see what we did for today. (Read: It had start months ago). This is one of the stupidest thing I ever met, jot down what you did. What if you happen to be free? Does that mean I had to force myself to do some researching? Even though I wrote that, what research can I do? I'm not claiming I am efficient (Yah yah, I am, can or not?) but I literally finish most of the headache stuff. I like to do things fast and clear ASAP. I bet most of us want it to be like that. Just happen that my team have irregular frequency of airline programs due to many airline account under us. So, every month is different to us. Something busy, sometime we can sit and relax. I got to say my team is far better than others as they had to face is again and again every month because of big account from certain airlines. There are so many programs that most of them just simply cannot breathe. Again, we ain't earning a lot, yah so what does the job title give u "Audio Producer"? In fact, we are nonetheless "Music Director" which most of us felt that it fit us well. Whatever it is, the salary is one big issue we rather see. I bet most of us (anyone) felt so.

I thought of something, what if I didn't get into School of Audio Engineering? Before entering this industry, I thought of a lot. I wanted to study in Ngee Ann Poly for Film Sound & Video, but due to lousiest O Level, I can only opt for ITE Yishun for Camera (Video). Other than that, it's all ITE Clementi course which mostly for girls! E.g. Clerk, Secretarial! So, in the end I opt for Army enlistment since the beauty paper arrived in my letter box. Even way before the letter came, I had already applied to LAYE scheme whereby you study while serving army. I thought of retaking my O lvl and go into Poly by entering LAYE (Learn As You Earn scheme) and surprisingly that Guardsmen totally full house and left only Signal and Infantry unit! haha.. I can even forget that I had been rejected by Mindef via the disappointed letter and yet they suddenly called me 1 weeks later to ask me to head down to CMPB for signing of contract. I am total lost that time as the time is 9pm! What the freako! But I rejected it off. haha.. I simply told them that I had better plan for my future so I do not want to join the LAYE scheme as an Infantryman.

After a thought I opt for joining RSAF as an Technician. I almost got it in until the day I went to CMPB for interview, which also my GREEN letter informed me about taking NAFA test; the lady office told me that I can only go for Technician and not Senior Technician due to my qualification but seem like I can make it through as the officer is very kind! But she told me that I had to pass my NAFA in order to get enlisted to RSAF. But sadly to say, I flunked my NAFA and there I go into my Mono Intake: 9th Division, 6th Singapore Infantry Regiment Battalion. Yah, back then it was located at Selarang Camp! I told myself luckily I didn't sign on as I began to dislike army life and all while in my army time, I kept thinking of Audio Engineering as I had been wonder where can I study about that. Lolx. Even my bunk mate felt weird about me because of my different style of music: ATB (Trance). Also, I am the only person in the bunk who thought of my future and what I want to do while the rest felt so confusing.

Anyway, I do not mind signing on to SAF! Because I like to lead people as a leader. A career that command respect. Yes, some people must be saying I am crazy but seriously I do like regimental stuff and I love army a lot. The very reason of not wanted to sign on is due to my poor fitness. If not, by now I think I am already Master Sergeant and might even thought of OCS course? Hahaha...

Not only that, I even thought that since I didn't signed on, I might want to join NAFA, but due to 2 O lvl, I am unable to apply for that. I already knew that since Secondary School time so I chose not to think so much but also consider La Salle to study either Web Design or Media Arts. So long its design ;) But as the cost fee is way too high, I opt out for that.. Sad huh! Yes SAE is $9500 in total but I can grad in 9 months time. And La Salle offer few Semester and each costing thousands... sigh... After I joined SAE about 2 mths, the irritating school offer Degree of Media Study! Which I can study degree with 2 subject! Multimedia, Audio Engineering and Films (You got to study 3 for the first year before selecting 2 of them on ur 2nd year). But now, I do not think there's such course as you can see in the site. I do learnt a lot though the lousiest system always break down but we got chance to trouble shoot always. Haha.. Yah.. I remembered: Mr Tay, Mr Alestar, Giri as they are the wonderful lecturer! Joe and Damien as the wonderful technician and part time study to Degree course. haha.. They can work getting full pay and deduct part of the money to their studies! hehe.. That's how flexible back then.

I do miss the gang like: Pun, Haw, Zan, Denjz, Ralph, Aktar, Alvin & Monteiro (I can't rem his first name but his dad is one great Jazz musician in Singapore!).

Now, beside music I am also into photographing which I hope this is a break out. I be back into music making once everything settle!

Lots of things to handle for my wedding.

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