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Monday, October 8

Shag is the word! I had not been resting enough over the weekend for 3 consecrative weeks! Man.... The painting is finishing soon which just left one room and some corners to touch up. After which: Washing time again!!! Hurray! That's the end of the entire house refurnishing! The new coat of paint indeed made me feel so comfortable by looking at it again and again. Compared to the past, oh mine... that's terrible shit!

As night falls, I had no more strength to continue the painting thus the continuous of work will resume next Saturday! Yes, I gotta thanks Shiying whom came down all the way from Hougang to CCK! Ok, she didn't do much but at least there's ppl helping me to pass some stuff and conversation been heard non stop. That of course made the entire house lively enough! Next Saturday, more of Veron's friend will come down and help out with some washing. I am glad that most of the wall had been done! Especially the high wall that I painted! That's ultimately tiring! My eyes totally went stars! Haha..

The next day, I went to one of my friend house for some product photoshoot! Hurray, it's time to dig my Elinchrom, Canon 5D, background paper!!! Finally all of them are in good use! Charging is cheap, which include of my transport plus meal! Woot! I can finally do some portfolio which will be up on either flickr or 36ixties! Darn the bastard that Kelvin and mine domain went lost. He is still tracing the problem. Haha.. Look like there might be one more job coming in for next year. It's product shoot and I must do it ultra nice for the potential client which Kelvin got it. Hoping everything will goes darn well after the wedding!

Veron and me went and source out for clothes on Friday at Takashimaya. She got some vouchers from her lovely colleagues! Thanks you ppl! Funniest, she wanted to get a Swatch watch but realising the voucher cannot be used at Takashimaya because it is meant for Isetan. I was telling her that she can actually went to Isetan and look around if there's any Swatch store around! Haha.. OK... she will continue her search of Swatch next time we pass by Isetan. We also went in to Hugo Boss boutique as I been wanted to get Hugo Boss shirt on our wedding day. It look so class, the feel, the design! Cool.. But.. the price is even ... WOW! $600. Even I got a $50 voucher, I can't even afford to buy it, unless I strike Toto. I kept having the mentality that it will cost about $200-$300. Haha.. Totally wrong! No one even want to serve us because.. maybe I wore too casual! Faded jean, lousy white Giordano polo tee... Haha.. Who give a shit about that.. :p

Wednesday: Bridal Photoshoot! Hurray! One step closer to wedding day. Look like there's certain things we got to buy but had not did it so! Hehe.. Hoping more people around will help us with it. I am anticipating for the shoot but not really anxious for the outlook of the shoot. Reason is simple.. it doesn't seem SO incredible to me after all. Bontanic Garden is one choice we chose... Well... In Singapore, there's no much places you can go and shoot but to go overseas like Bintan or Australia. To be frank, I will opt for Bintan! (I be sweating all over) After weeks of tiredness, I seem to lost a lot of weight! Hahaha.. Got to keep up with some healthy diet too. Hehe.

I am suppose to attend one of the briefing for Canon Marathon this Saturday at 4pm. But due to house washing which is more important, I will opt myself out for the briefing. And also, 27th Oct which is next Saturday, the MIO Tv from Singtel technician will be coming over to fix up the stuff for me! Haha.. I am wondering what free program I be getting though. Is it ALL? I mean since I am on free trial by Singtel! Hoping hoping hoping! Haha

Canon again been another TOP! 1DsMKIII!!!! I reckon 12K worth of that camera! The feature is more the enough to convince me! Haha.. Ok.. not getting now.. maybe after I sell my 5D and having more money in my pocket! Haha.. The camera MP is darn good enough for a decent commercial shoot! Now... Do I need to keep my 5D and opt for a MF or to get a 1DsMKIII and forgo MF? That's rather tricky thou! It is so tempting! Hehe.. THe baby is huge and lovely! Woot!

Praying hard for everything opportunity strike. Everyday is a good brand new day. I must make it!

*Heroes Season 2 is GREAT!

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