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Sunday, October 28

Look like the VAT problem cannot be solve still even with the help of the fellow people in Clubsnap. Apparently, I appreciate people who helped me in the thread and thanks for sending me the link. Other than that, I do not really want to see some irritating crazy remarks in the thread just because your post level is very high. You may earn higher so to you any VAT is ok. When you do not know how much is it in total, jolly well shutup and don't come and tell me just because of 10SGD I am creating so much hassle. It is not the freaking hassle this person is talking about, it is the VAT that I am not freaking willing to pay for! 19% is damn huge and up to 30SGD! The person still had to charged me 10Sgd for that and seriously I do not see a need why I must contribute to Dutch. Its no racist or politic issue here, it is the principle. I ordered stuff from UK as well and none of it ask me to pay for VAT and why must I do it now?

The guy is quite enough to tell me to located the seller and give him the link about this. Apparently, as the seller been also kind enough to tell me that it works for Fedex line and it is much way exp then a normal postage service. In terms to say, it will cost a lot more to send by Fedex, DHL, UPS if I opt that (Without VAT). I am still sourcing out and requesting help from Vpost. If the tourist come to Singapore, they will also get their Tax Refund, so it no wrong for overseas customer not to pay for the tax in Singapore. Right? Praying for Vpost help now.

Again, I had been so freaking busy lately till I had no time to meet up the gang for the gig. Too little time to use! I guess Internet is the best way to communicate. I had yet to practise or get more tunes on 7th Nov. Praying hard for good turnout! Yes... I got to work until 12mn yesterday night and it is way too strenuous for me! Got to mixdown and do everything one shot and burnt out the audio CD for the client before I can call it a day. Seriously, studio works sucks. It's way too tiring. I am glad that I do work fast and managed to catch what the client want so everyone is happy in the end of the day. :) Yes! Keith and me really team up so well be any shit! We managed to solve the entire fucking studio problem. Like, playing from Window Media Player and there's no sound; playing back the audio on track 1 while recording on track 2 without any interference! Thanks for Keith for helping out to sit in the studio for testing out for me. And really got to thanks him for finding the GOD tick! Playback while recording got to tick so that it will record and playback at the same time without further latency. Without that, I got to press Play and Rec which will create some hassle shit sound! Hurray!!!!

Today, my darling went to CK Tang and managed to find out what shoes she want and we will aim that during the Christmas sale. :) I hoping for hilarious big SALE! Ok, Jan is wedding month so we got amber time to buy the stuff! I almost bought the belt earlier on and hold back because I do not need it till wedding day. hehe.. Plus, since I am not getting my all time fav Hugo Boss shirt, I need not to buy the cufflink! haha Beacuse the shirt I be buying is G2000 and for that shirt I do not need to use cufflink at all! hehe. I saw a normal nice leather shoes too so, I got any idea what I need for the big day. I am aiming the nice silky green shoe my dearie tried it on because it not only make her taller but look damn nice on her! Hehe.. SHINE ON indeed. :)

Waited for 15min for the cab at my dearie house, I finally got in a cosy windy cold cab! This is so unusual feeling because the cab is damn cooling! Yes! The cab driver is very kind enough to greet me, Sir (alamak, Im just a young dude leh) asking me where to go and how do I want the route to be (If I am familiar) and even ask me want to listen to radio?! Yesh... he did asked what channel I love. What a pleasant journey ride home.. He really made such a GOOD PR! Thanks MR Cab driver of SHB5647E from SMRT on 10pm plus 27th Oct!

YEAH... Paid the bills!!!!!! BROKE fuck... danssssss

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