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Friday, October 26

Its time for a new update on my blog. Site that I really seldom go to had been removed and of course new updates of new site that I frequent to. I had put in some great stock photos links and great online mp3 (Dance music related)! Awesome site that been recommended by my pal, Mr Andy (Vortex from Exitmusik).

Recently I had been so in love with house music! Which I can dare to say it had been in my mind since the day I started loving of Electronic Dance Music. Alright, I shouldn't forget the ultimate loving Trance back in 90's! Those day were hilarious with great loving Trance choons! I wouldn't forget the day when I ask this guy (salesman) in HMV (when the Dance section is at the 1st floor)regarding of this DJ spin what music? The reply was: Trance. I put back immediately thought what the fuck is Trance! hahaha.. Guess who is the fellow I asked. He is nonetheless the Godfather of Tribal House! Power huh! Oh yeah, I found this great radio station on my winamp SHOUTcast. Ok, this belong to Deep House, ok? But it's nice though!

As mentioned in SHOUTcast site:
[Dance Deep House Soulful] Deep House Network - streaming deep and soulful house grooves 24/7 :

I think I want to try some illustration shit on my blog and I guessed that I had to learn some skill! And before I want to do this, I better make sure my fuck comp working FINE! I got this error mentioning my OKram timing too tightly to reload. Who know???!!! Please do not fail on me.. I got no $ for a new comp! Sob.... wedding is important now.. I got a lot to pay.

I guess Dean know a lot of me after reading my shitty blog! haha

Once again, whoever want to Party at Ministry of Sound on 7th Nov, DO COME DOWN TO PURE ROOM! 44Beatz is blasting the whole room with Electro House, Trance, Breaks & Techno! Make yourself free on that night. "Hey, it's holiday on Thursday thou, WHY BOTHER SO MUCH!"

Not to forget the Sentosa Outdoor event organised by Lime! It is call Lime Sonic Festival which include the entire local band to rock it hard till Midnight before WE, 44beatz, will take over the control for the Higher State of MANIA PARTY! DO COME ON to Sentosa, Siloso Beach on 17th Nov! Check out all magazine information about the Lime Sonic!

Got to emphasis a lot on the party! We want a PACK, Crampy ROOM on 7th Nov! Register at NOW!

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