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Friday, October 19

Been working damn hard these few days! haha.. Managed to finish most of the stuff in time! Haha.. Woot! Of course, MIO TV is coming tomorrow morning! Tonight, Steamboat with my darling friends! hehe..

Finally the painting had been done and that goes to all of the necessary misc that we are supposed to do. Finally a rest time for us! Not only that which there's a full stop! We gonna source for some red wine, clothing for our big day! Of course, most of the stuff can be done during end of year due to big sale! Now which I gonna do is to practise the DJ again for the marvellous 7th Nov gig at MOS. Then, I will start decorate the room as to convert to our little sweet cosy bedroom! hehe.. Lots of things to move, lots of things to tear down! Yah.. painting again! Look like I'm more experience with it but this time I had to paint with care since there's furniture around. I will try to do all these alone because I do not want my dad to exert his strength. He had been working too hard after all these years and I gotta help out with some housework so that my parent can rest more. Well.. that's life when we turn old.. weak is the old but most importantly: healthy!

I be anticipating for the photos! Not because how good it turns! But how impress I will show... haha I had high expectation on photographing, even though I am no big time photographer, but Im sure to say I had some eye on it. At least the word: Pleasing. Wait till the Bridal Shop call me up.

Gotta thanks Prof Yu from NUS for helping us to solemnise during our wedding day! Appreciated with my warmest kindness.

Due to some itchiness butt of mine, I tried to do some customisation on my PSP that led to a serious brick! Some files which were not in the folder had been transferred over, that led to the destination drive full so it is like some of the stuff were in there and some not. As simple to put in, only 50% were transferred and the rest were rejected to due disk full. In a way, when I tried to boot up my PSP, it is impossible to boot up and hung on me. I read a lot and wanted to do some flashing of my PSP and it failed. It just stuck at the first boot up so I am so sad that I had did some shitty things. Luckily that Keith had PSP so I requested him to bring over to work so I can upgrade the firmware for him and get the folder to put it in mine.

When I thought of upgrading his and get the code to put in mine, I felt it is an extremely long work! So I opt for another option which I read it yesterday regarding of the Magic Stick and Pandora battery. Having these 2 works flawlessly because all you had to do is to put in the magic stick in your PSP, then your battery. It will auto on the power and generate everything for you! haha. That's simple! HELL YEAH! I thought of buying over from Ebay which will cost me a sum of SGD120! Luckily for my determination, I managed to found one site regarding of DIY of magic stick and pandora battery. I had no idea what the thread was talking about and after a while I knew how it freaking WORKS!

There's 2 freaking method to do so:
1. Take out your original PSP batt, take out the cover with the guitar pick; cut one of the metal been solder to PCB with the chip. You got to find yourself which chip. (I didn't opt for it)

2. Using the software given in the forum, you can convert your normal batt to Pandora batt! Yes, that's all what you need to do! Of course, rem to backup the information given for you so there's high chance for you to convert back to normal batt to use it on your PSP.

I also got the program in the forum to get my memory stick as 'Magic Stick', yes indeed I managed to do it after reading again and again. It is so easy to convert your mem stick to magic stick and normal batt to pandora.

Of course, I did the necessary converting of memory stick and battery using mine! But the PSP belong to Keith and everything went SO well! Next, I put in the magic stick to my PSP then the batt, it auto generate the entire source code for about 5min and DONE! I shut down my PSP and try on the normal batt (Keith's), yeah! 3.71m33-2! Then I did on Keith's PSP and it works flawlessly! Thought I might had to buy new battery since I converted it to Pandora, I read the thread again for another link to convert back the Pandora battery to Normal. I simply put in Keith's batt to my PSP, on it (with the magic stick), I took out the batt and changed to mine. I went to the same program which converted to Pandora batt, all I need to choose is FLASH back as what I had backup earlier on. Thats all.. and my batt works normally! HAHAHA Look like I can go around helping others! hehe

Yeah.. I will try doing the customisation again! HAHAHA Since I got the unbrickable tools, NO PROBLEM! haha... It's been proven thou.. I do not mind helping the rest at the small cost of S$10. Hehe...

I love my PSP once again!

Kelvin told me some good news and I be anticipating a lot for next year. GOOD YEAR for all of us. My sister's god bro earns 10K per mth!!! Darns... I was thinking this morning.... Yes... I believe it's really a give and take stuff. You earn a lot but you got to slog for it and it might not as interesting as you thought of after 5 years or so. For people like me, yah.. I do earn low but I still enjoy my photographing, music, DJ and some others. Freedom and been happy is the keyword. Money is one thing, we, human tend to ask for more. Is that a sufficient or greed? For me, I want a 'fair and its more than enough situation' Not that I am greed, I just want to fight over it and let my family live comfortably! Work hard is one important thing I must not erase off! ;)

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