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Thursday, September 6

Would like to appreciate for all the people who drop by yesterday to Ministry Of Sound (PURE). We, 44beatz, were very happy to see such a massive result. From Neilee, me (ojosho), Reiki, Clarke and Kelvin; we rock the floor at Pure and also glad that everyone did enjoyed the entire set.

Be it with minimal mistake or not, we hoped that it never disappoint you much. When I took over the deck from Neilee, not realising he played with cross fader instead of channel fader, I made a huge mistake just by dropping the track suddenly. Haha. It's a total abrupt disruption! Luckily that the set up is almost similar to what I had at home so I had no worries using the mixer but mistake occur! I had *planned* set but when I was looking for one of the song, I just can't find the tune. I confirmed that the song is within the list but I just can't see it. So what I can do is to do a selective set, as in a total unplanned set which I will have to pick and choose it. Result: Remarkably Great!

I managed to draw in the crowds and lucky for some who love dancing started to influence the rest into the dance floor! Many thanks for you, without you all, the room will be boring. I am glad that the set went well. The comments from others were: First few tunes (too old/ inconsistent) and it went gradually went afterward! Scott, Dianel's friend, told me he enjoyed the set although it's not his kind of music but he like the vibe that I manage to draw the crowd's attention.

My wife is very proud of me and all the effort I put it in had not gone to waste. It was such a amazing night and I glad that I enjoy so much after the past gig I had with TR. Yes, when "Proper Education" was dropped, woot!!! A lot of people scream over it! Wow, I do like the feeling though! But to be frank, I do not most of the song which is famous currently but I just trust my ear and feeling to the music. Each of us played 1hr 30min and incredibly awesome to build up the mood! Reiki came in and drop the awesome stuff: BREAKS! Love it! As my girl got to go back with her coll, I had to miss Reiki set for 40min. Hehe.. I roamed around and finally went to PURE and enjoy Reiki set. (2 thumbs up). Clarke, Neilee, Reiki and Kelvin love my set a lot... Clarke even try to play around with the effect on the DJM800! Haha... I feel like I am not me when I play especially when I am playing the EQ at the last part when all of us do the back 2 back stuff : TECHNO! I was lucky that I had some techno tune! I will put it on my listing later on.

Since MOS played the same stuff as us, PURE had to close and move the crowds to the main. Of course there's some issue regarding to it and most of us were too tired to talk about it. Home sweet home. Great! Thanks for my pal who drop by: Daniel and Weijiang for helping us out as the crew. A.I. and 2 of his pal, Scott and his wife. My wife and her coll: Avy, JJ, Rosemary, Juli. My coll: Keith and Jeff (sorry that you two never like to enjoy this but glad that your came and support me), Mag and her pretty friend, Alex and his pretty friends and Charlene! Many thanks.

October: The next level up! Gosh.. I need more tunes already! haha

I may not remember what I played yesterday night but I will try my best to flashback the tracklist.

Here's goes for the song, (May not in order for some but I hope this is right...)

Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Carrison vs Scorpio)
Candy - Lick It
Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena 2K6 (Doc Phatt Remix)
Fredde Le Grand - Put Your Hand Up For Detroit (Extended Mix)
Hoxton Whores - Lost In Ibiza (Parte Dos)
DJ Ortzy - Madd Disco (The D.G. I Love Cali Mix)
Sander Van Doorn Ft Mc Pryme - By Any Demand (Original Mix)
Jerome Isma-Ae - Phantom (Tom Novy Mix)
Sonorone - Monday
Eric Prydz vs Floyd - Proper Education (Club)
Benny Benassi & Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (Pump-Kin Remix)
Sunfreak - Counting Down The Days (Mix 1)
Stephen Panev - I Want To Fuck Your Girlfriend (Original Mix)

Back to Back session:
Abel Ramos - Te Quiero Puta (Divini & Warni)
DJ Led aka Nilat - Ledtribal (Original Mix)

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