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Saturday, September 22

What a tiring day after running around almost the entire Singapore road! Yesterday, I went to Redhill for car collection which supposed to be 7pm but end up till to heavy traffic, the car came late about 7.40pm! I felt relieved that my bro in law wasn't with me as the initial plan was to drive him from Redhill to Yishun and meet my sister as they had to go to my sister's sister in law house to pay a visit. Before they head up, my sister do not mind guiding me to Yishun industrial park and get the painting equipment as we found out it is quite cheap as what we asked from the shop at Bukit Batok. My sister later found out that the shop close at 6pm from Monday till Saturday so the meet up was call off, hence I felt damn relieved by not having 2 guys waiting for the car.

When the car came, I inspected it and overall it is fine except for the damn petrol! The petrol was near to E and it might go total empty any minute! I thought of pumping about $20 at Shell station; felt that I would rather go to Esso since I have the smile points and Esso Credit Card which enable me for 10% discount while refilling the petrol. So I dare myself all the way from Redhill to Jln Teck Whye and I really sweat big time! Many times on road,I thought that the idea of pushing of car might come true! With much of praying, I managed to get home by 8.30pm with the needle pointed to E. I went up and grab some stuff and head out immediately! I started the car and it just wouldn't able to let me activate the car! I had no idea why and the information shown kept telling me the petrol is very limited and request me to refill ASAP. Thought that it might be the reason which the car wouldn't start, I just kept on trying for the last chance by taking the key out and pluck in, start the engine and it works! Hell yeah I had no idea why it doesn't allow me to turn fully after I pluck in to the key hole. Till now, I had not fully understand why.

I told Veron and her friend to wait for me which I am late for 30min as I had to pump the petrol after I managed to start the car. As fast as I could, I reach Marine Parade about 9.30pm and quickly rush to Yishun to send Veron's coll home before meeting my sister and bro in law at Yishun MRT station as I need to get something from him which is located in his office.So, from Yishun all the way to Queenstown; what a great drive! What a out of place! What a long journey thou. After I reached the destination, he went up and collect the stuff which by then it is around 11pm and his coll is still around to work! Oh man.. I really pity that girl for working until so late. With our tummy growling non stop, Veron and me decided on Macdonald at Bukit Panjang Plaza after dropping off my Sister and Bro in law. We had our fill finally as my tummy went empty ever since noon! Haha.. Yeah.. I love the food which enable to make my tummy feel so great! Heh.. so many 'beng beng' out Mac... Hahaha.. Small kids.

Anyway, after the day end, both of us got to wake up early this morning as Veron had to report to work on her off day as she had to cover one of the admin lady duties due to MC. After I had taken breakfast at her workplace, I set my mark to Weijiang house to return the CDJ before heading to Kelvin's house. It was around 10am and I felt so sleepy as I had 5hr of sleep only! I SMS/ called Weijiang and found out that he is still sleeping but got stunned when I told him I had reached and waiting at the void deck! Hahaha.. I went up to his house and pass him the CDJ; he is still in the dreamy world still and I quickly set my mark from Hougang to Siglap. What a drive from Teck Whye to MP and from MP to Hougang, now Hougang to Siglap (more to come and this is really fully utilities! I reach Kelvin house and found out his Hp is off and fearing that he might still be sleeping, I decided to horn and call out his name! I told of moving off to office and collect my PSP, he called. He still said why am I there without any confirmation which I told him we had already set the time in the morning! He rushed all the way from Mandarin Garden and I found out that he is with a girl when the cab arrived. God knows what he is up to last night. Haha.

After getting the flyers, name card from him, I sent both him and the girl to Parkway Parade before I set the journey from Marine Parade to Pasir Ris! Daniel did not tell me to go by TPE and I can see Pasir Ris, instead I went all the way to Simei from ECP to PIE. From Simei, I went all the way to Bedok and quickly dash to somewhere which I found the familiar area: Tampines. Next, I trace the railway from Tampines to Pasir Ris which I am lucky to see the block number on the signboard. I saw Block 533, turn right and I do. Phew.. I finally found the blk. Damn it, I wasted 20min for Pasir Ris. After passing the stuff to Daniel, it was 12.10pm already and I had to rush back to Marine Parade by 12.30pm as Veron knocked off at 12.30pm and head toward for Bridal studio at Club Street. I thought that by going TPE, I can get back to ECP. I was totally wrong as I went the wrong way up to Hougang! I was totally pissed as timing is damn rush and how on earth can I get to wrong route! Yah.. I forgotten by Street Directory too. :p

When I was at Hougang, I saw Defu lane and I went in, hoping that this led to the road where Veron and me always pass by. Yeah.. It is one of the short cut to get to Driving Centre in the short time. By 12.50pm, I reached Marine Parade and Veron ran towards my car as she just came down only! I was told that she had numerous of stuff to clear hence the delay of knocking off. I quickly drove off as not to hog up the road as we were at the bus stop lane. Hola...we reached Bridal by 1.10pm and yes.. everything look well and very soon for my girl gown. We settled the Bridal Car decor, the date and the payment for the 2nd deposit which will be on the photo shoot day.

Next, from Club Street, we went to my mom's work place to collect water hose for washing the floor and had our duck rice in the car. Luckily we managed to get the car and everything is went so pack till there's no time to rest! From Eu Tong Sen, I drove to Orchard Parade Hotel for 2nd deposit payment at $2100. We did not hang ard the area so much as there are more things to come. During the ride to Orchard Parade Hotel, a lady called to tell me I am selected to have free MIO Tv for 6mth and free 2Wire modem router. After 6mth and I decided not to carry on anymore, I can just return the MIO TV set back and the 2Wire modem router will remain for me. Great deal! FOC for 6mth and I can enjoy both Starhub and MIO! Wow! Gotta earn more for my 26" LCD TV in our cosy bedroom after I renovate it.

And yeah, from Orchard, we head up to Yishun industrial park to get our paint which my sister recommended. I went the wrong way to Steven road and a total of 2 times! I went all the way to SLE from BKE and exit to Lentor Road. Best of the best, I went almost the entire Yishun before Veron found the street 23. I almost give up and head back to Bukit Batok to get the necessary stuff. Happily, we went in and bought poles, paint, brushes, paper and thinner for the new house, the uncle also told me how to get back to Mandai Road which is god damn easy! I realised that I should have turn left later then before... as a result, we spent 20min plus to get the area. After buying the stuff, we rush back to Teck Whye to get the house key and ladder before we head up to our new house and there we saw the movers just reach not long ago. The movers went to get fridge and drawer from my aunt at Hougang and drive all the way to CCK and it cost us $55 for entire stuff.

After we had the fridge, drawer and painting accessories in the house, we quicken our pace from CCK and dash all the way to Eu Tong Sen to fetch my mom because she is feeling damn sick and prefer her to take the car then bus. Yah.. thats the end of the journey for today and during the night time, we drove out to Sunshine plaza and buy food which I feel SO GOOD. HUNGRY is the word. lol. To think my ankle is damn aching as I kept accelerating and braking non stop today. Best is to wait for Kelvin and duration is almost an hour. :P

Tomorrow is washing time.. another day .. tough day... :(

And yes.. more mails.. more bills.. I feel so suffocated... where on earth to get more money? I shall hope for more good lucks and hope everything went smoothly. Congrats to the winners for ytd 5m draw. Yah.. I am so busy till I had no time to buy. Sighs. I need more money to pay off the bills.. like new CCK PUB which is 100+ and conservancy fee which is $77. Not only that, AIA ask me to renew the policy which I think I had no terminate it due to heavy burden. Hoping the luck of mine will come smooth and earn more for my photographing. These are the lucks I need for now and future. Lots of payment like Bridal, Photographing, Make up, car rentals.... sigh.. God.. please help me.. I am damn tight on $. :(

Tired.. I shall go sleep. 30min blogging about the day.. brat.. Puiz... haha

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