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Friday, September 14

This is getting irritating for my MSN at work. It kept shutting down the program with error message which no one is able to explain! Even with the IT guys around, there's absolutely no explanation from them. This is one of the weirdest situation I had on this stupid computer. MSN force all user to upgrade from v7.5 and that's the only version which run smooth for me! All v8.0 and above is not working for me. I tried to be funny by not sending the error msg to Microsoft, I simply just drag the error msg to one corner and it works flawlessly! Hell for me today, it kept offing the MSN program even I did the most stupidest action. Now.. I am back to Radius IM for using my MSN. Yah.. Meebo isn't working fine for me.

My darling went to Genting with her colleague early this morning. Hope she will have a good trip and everything will goes well and fun for all of them. Gonna miss her thou! hehe... I had planned something for myself by meeting up with Dickson tonight for coffee session, then tomorrow Daniel is dropping by to jam with me and as well as recording of his mix. I just got 4 mono jack and 2 x 10m long of audio cables just to do the recording for him. To think that I solder till 1am plus after I reached home from my darling house. Look like, I might need to re-solder the entire cable I had on hand. Time for maintenance shit. I gonna buy 2 x XLR jack for my speaker connection which to be attach on the mixer! heh.

Yea... Daniel is ultimate anxious for the night as this is his first time spinning outside his cosy home. Yeah, the DJ line up will not be as same as shown on the flyer (which I posted yesterday). There might be shuffling which is subject to be change. Do check us out. Nov will be ultra busy for us since there's MOS and Sentosa gig! Plus, I got to prepare for my wedding which I will not be on deck for a period of time as more important got to be done! Peace, people!

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