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Friday, September 28

My computer went hang and I forgotten to save the blog that I written on Scribe Fire! Damn! Nvm.. I shall carry on re write what I thought of in a very short summary.

My darling and me will be trying hard to buy a car in future since after the leisure of having a car is so luxury. I understand that the car will bring a lot of cash problem like insurance, tax, instalment etc, but who cares... you want the life, you pay for it. I had enough with ppl having their loud earphone blasting as it is been so irritating, talking so loudly, having their seat like they OWN or rather the bus is way too cold or hot! Ok, I have to remember that some stuff are done by the culprit that vandalise the bus. Oh well... that appeared on the today The New Paper.

Yesterday I met my make up artist, David whom a 'sister' to us. He is very kind to us as he is willing to help my darling for the night gown since he said that the night gown my darling chosen isn't suitable. So we went down to his studio and tried on the night gown which he had it in the wardrobe. After my darling wore it, she look slimmer and very pretty!!! Compared to the puffy dress she chosen, it is way different totally. Only problem is that the gown is too small for her and 'sister' will head down to tailor hoping that it can fit well on my darling. In the event of not able to enlarge, 'sister' will help my darling to choose another evening gown on the day of our photo shoot. Thus, if there's no other piece which is suitable, we try to opt for MTM for night gown. If they insist of paying more to get the MTM (as this is not stated in the receipt), 'sister' told us not to get it. He will present a new piece of dress for my darling! Wow.. This is so nice and sweet! Both of us felt so happy upon hearing that and agreed to give him more 'ang bao' on the AD. Hoping that our luck turn better for the coming up wedding day. We need LOTs of luck now!

I supposed to have some DJ session with Weijiang and Daniel, but due to commitment of painting the house, I chose not to have jamming session with them. Painting is way important then any other things currently. Haha.

Early in the morning, Victor called me up and I got a surprise from him stating that he saw my photo on 'The New Paper'. I thought it was Strait Times that he mentioned and I kept implying "ya.. cool.. new paper, Strait Times hor". He said no.. it was the new paper... and I again been idiotic for not knowing The New Paper is out early on Monday and Friday (Told by my Intern). Then I knew... oh damn.. I made a mistake.. its THE NEW PAPER. Not Newspaper! haha.. Oh yah.. Lime feature us too... I scanned it and have it uploaded to show to my pal. Exciting thou!

This is the photo I saw on The New Paper, page 30.

I just joined ShutterStock and hoping for them to approve me as I would like to contribute the photos that I take and able to let me put on sale. Though each download is $0.25 only and every USD75, they can allow the money to be transfer to my account, if not it will just roll till USD75 is meet. Money isn't that great but it's a stepping stone for me. I am hoping to join GettyImage but I got to pay before I upload! Anyway, they pay better and there's only limited range of camera model they approve to be in their gallery. One of the best Stock photos ever and I will work hard before I move to GettyImage.

At the same time, I joined the Canon Marathon contest on 20th Oct. There will be 3 themes for different timing, all photographers must report back to upload the photos to the server before getting the theme as time stated. I joined because of having fun and it is challenging as I can make full good use of my shooting skill!!!


All the best to Randy and Alyna today as it is their last day at IFP. Both the intern and programmer will have a new life on Monday and best wishes! Hee

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