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Monday, September 10

Just did a shoot with the guys yesterday for Lime Mag which 44Beatz will be featuring during the music festival. It will be from 10am all the way till 4am which 44Beatz will take place at 1am. This will be a ultimate exposure for all of us and which is why the main leader name it as: We Are All About Music.

I forgotten to thanks Weijiang for the CDJ rental, if not the night wouldn't be so success without much of practising on the CDJ. And thanks Zann as well because both of them love unplanned set as this is a huge test as a DJ. You rock the floor for no good reason because you had no idea what's next. I be anticipating for Zann gig with us. You made it, bro!

Just now my pal sent me a link of his production, you can listen here. Kinda some deep house stuff which I fancy a lot!

3rd Oct gig (Wednesday) will be at MOS (Pure). Starting out with DJ Zann, Kelvin T, Clarke, ojosho and Reiki. Catch us soon and remember to register yourself at 44Beatz if you had not!

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