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Saturday, September 15

1.48am and my ears are still working hard to QC music! Haha. Anyway, despite I am that tired but I do love listening to some soft rock in the middle of the night. It is nice to listen to some Thai rock music, I just can't explain the reason why. Perhaps using a better headphone is one of the answer; the sound is really nice.

I do miss my darling though she is in Genting having 'fun'? haha Anyway, I gotta occupy my time so I met up with Dickson and Jackson at Farmart located straight up to Choa Chu Kang. Had my dinner there which is about 10pm. We head off to Bukit Timah for 2nd round of tea session at the Muslim stall where I had my 2nd round of food! Ok, I am just that hungry. I missed the time where all of us were riding together from one place to another. I should say the period of time when all of us were serving our Full Time NS. Haha.. That's when most of us had bike and love traveling around, stop by the area to have food! Dickson just got his Phantom bike and of course the 3 of us riding together bring back the past memories. Haha

Before that, I went to Adelphi to redeem for LG phone but it was not available, the waiting will be 2 weeks time so I left my contact number with them and I will head down to collect the LG phone once it is in stock. Thanks for the LG marketing as my father will get a free handphone because of purchasing a LG LCD TV. hehe.

After the information is done up, I went to bus stop and wait for my bus: 190. Yeah, I love them so much! An hour of time, there are only 2 buses came by! Both buses were short and it is full packed so the bus driver do not stop for us to board the bus. I began to feel so frustrated and finally a longer bus came and again, PACK! I felt so pissed on the timing of the bus. 4th bus came but it is a short type so there are no place to sit! Since I waited for so long, I shall be determine to wait for another bus as it begin to have lesser passengers on board. 5th bus came at 8pm plus and I quicken my pace to board the bus; luckily there is one seat empty for me! I wiped off my sweat and feel so comfortable sitting down despite the small area I had! Thanks to the uncle sitting beside me with leg open damn big while reading his cock newspaper which is damn irritating when he flipped pages by pages. From 6.40pm till 8pm plus... What a wonderful time I had waited!

Not only that, my computer in office shutdown twice and all IT engineer shrug. Now, the only thing the IT engineer from IBM did was updating of Bios, running the max speed for my computer. Got to monitor again... if not, I guessed that May might want to get either HP or Dell product which I feel even better then using IBM Lenovo... ekks.

Thanks to Randy for such a wondering information for MSN. Apparently, I recreate new msn account which is GMail rather then Hotmail. I had no idea what happen or why is it, my MSN is working fine with GMail account then Hotmail! While using Hotmail account on MSN, it will attempt to shut off my program but for GMail, no problem! Luckily Randy taught my to export and import the contact lists so I can save all the time by adding the list by myself. Not only that, he gave me this link which is allow you to put the patch for MSN. And this patch is so good that it allow me to 'Close' my entire MSN when manager came and my MSN icon will become the icon of Harddisk instead of the usual MSN icon! Haha.. I can even set 2 x MSN on one PC! Which means I can have 2 accounts of MSN running at the same time! This is good for me as both my darling and me are able to use the MSN at the same time! Not only that, MSN Live PLUS allow you to have all chats on one window! There will be a tag column for you on the left. It works when you have 10 chats at the same time and it will not jam up your taskbar because there is only 1 MSN task running on ur task bar. But the window will show the total of 10 chats log on the left (in tab style like IE browsers style). I can change the color of my MSN skin too! Haha.. this is way too cool. I had no idea where to get the PLUS! But for version 8.5 Beta 2 and patch, you can go to MESS to upgrade. The only complain will be the email part. Rather the usual Hotmail short cut from MSN to the site, it became Outlook Express! How to set back to Hotmail/ GMail on the msn, I am still doing researching.. Hopefully though!

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