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Tuesday, August 14

Practising hard recently for the manic night at MOS soon on 5th Sept. I am glad that some of my friends and colleague will be dropping by to give their support. I'm totally appreciate for the kindness. Nonetheless, I started to practise more by familiarizing the tune lest that night I fear of screw up. To be frank that I had no much idea what is the top tune currently and I just trust my ear and that's all for it. I had a total of 42 CDs which are all House tune and I had not burn out some of the Techy tune yet which I be doing it real soon. I had no idea what/ how am I going play that night thus I will only practise without any plan set. Hope for the best thou! Yea, the 3 x CDJ are totally fantastic! I will take a photo of it tonight and post it here... Marvellous! Yummy!

Look like one of the project which had been hanging on for over a year is going to happen soon. The X hotel had finally started to do some renovation at the front pouch which I will be anticipating for the final done up. Sadly to say that I ain't sure that whether the rest of the room are done up and this include the painting too. Even the rest of the building which had been demolished and some under renovating had been quicken their pace. For this, I can hope for the best! :) Finger cross!

I will be shooting for Kelvin portrait which will reveal of him with tattoo and a sadist of him. I on the stage of planning first which first I need a big styrofoam board to create some light to brighten some dark area and a 3 feet background paper ;) All will be done at his house since it is big enough though. I will then rent the car again for the wonderful day and my girl will be following me too! Tonight I will collect the car, Honda Fit, as I rented from the guy call Den. The rate is cheap at $70 but the destination will be at Redhill though and I gotta return the car by 7pm as the next hirer want to use from 8pm which that left me no choice. Tentatively of Honda Fit in the list, but if the current hirer who taken the Swift return today, I can return the car tomorrow about 8pm even thou I take the car at 6.30pm today. So I hope for the best, tomorrow will be a busy day for my girl and me. Gonna source out for Chrysler car for our wedding day and payment for Hotel Banquet. We gonna one shot clear the debt thou and I be looking around for about 2-3 MPV which I will then pay my brother to drive it. Petrol and rental will all beared by me.

My mom good pal's son is getting marry on 20th Sept which I be earning part of the money from her which include whole day of shooting, 300 prints. I charging as same price as I quoted before but I will then do the photo montage for them, and this inclusive of music for the wedding banquet too. :) (If they ask). I will be worrying for the outcome of the shot thou. *phew* earning money.

I almost bought the Pioneer Amp yesterday at Adelphi, as my Marantz amp already giving me so much problem and surprisingly it revived last night! Yeah! Need not to spend the money! I am totally impressed by the system of Pioneer which it break the channel into 7.1 and it is good when you are listening to music but some how or rather, it all got to depend whether engineer did separate the channel out or not. But then again, it sound nice on the demo disc only, but whether some old song which Keith like is another question, but the sound is fantastic for the home theater effect. With the amp hooked up with TRI speaker make it even fantastic but I personally find the sound strong but yeah the Hi Mid is losing apart but price for the 5.1 systerm TRI cost $1500 and the Pioneer amp $640 (stock clearance). I am really considering about this set but my bro in law told me that pioneer amp with 3 digit is designed in Singapore whereas 4 digit is by Japan and obviously Jap is better and cost even more. 816 model is $640 and the one I saw was 2016 is about $1300+ and it come with HDMI as well. Think about it though.

Sigh... Money.. I will endure by not buying so much. Most imptnt is to perfect the shoot first and hope to sell the tent off to get my background paper first. Some ppl offered $70 for the mint set as I bought f0r $130! :s . $90 is my last call I willing to let go and I shall post up the photo tonight. Snoot! Here I come! My honeycomb will come later. :)

When the real shoot start, I will invest on 600w package of strobe and 2 x Photoflex softbox. ;)

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