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Wednesday, August 1

Not my day at all and I want to complain!!!! I went everywhere to find that DBS bank which is located at Malacca Street and I can't see the word DBS despite I past there SO many times! The freaking word is not at my eye level and the entrance of the bank is inside of the Royal Plaza! How on earth I know the bank is located there? To think I spent over 30min to find the location. Fine, I get in Q for 20min and I knew I'm real late but I do not care as to withdraw $5000 to pay to ABN as I used it on Monday for the HDB side. After getting the money, I went straight to ABN which is beside Arcade and requested to pay my Moneyline, end up! The lady told me payment can be paid via ATM or since I do not know the password, I can go to Lau Pat Sat side for payment. I went speechless! It's quite far from there! How on earth can I go there as the lady again told me the bank closes at 3pm! I am 3min away to 3pm! WTH! I went off in anger after knewing this is not my shit day. To think I'm carrying $5000 around in my wallet. I should have use the AXS to make the bloody payment then heading to the bank. This to clear the day interest but now... I got another day of interest now.

Early morning, I called up and request for moneyline payment and I was told it was $5012 and after hanging up, I realised that I had further question about it, so I called again. This time, the guy told me $5003 and not $5012! WTF are they doing!!!! DAMN IT! Sickening.. now tmr I got to rush to Lau Pat Sat for payment. Look like it isn't my day at all.

Next, my mom went to Polyclinic for checkup and was referred to hospital for a week but I guess my mom dun want to wait so she went there today for further checkup with accompany of my neighbour. Thanks dearie called up to find out more. Now both parents are sick and I'm damn worry about their health. Sigh....

I wanted to get my MIO plan yesterday but due to Im still contract with 14mth, I can sign up when the plan drop to 12mth. So, I will apply for it with my current phone line which I will bring it over to the new house of mine when I move there. So I will get the iOnevalue to get the 10mbps speed, 300min outgoing and free incoming call which benefit me a lot. Supposingly to get the HTC touch but my dearie gave up halfway fearing of spending too much so we took train to Lot 1. I'm blaming why we are in such debts which make us can't buy anything we want. I feel so sad but because of house, we got to swallow it. No choice. So we went to Lot 1 and saw Mio roadshow and my girl went to see the Sony Ericsson S500i and picked it up and bought it without contract of $468. She can get the $338 with contract and I can upgrade my plan but she think fast enough saying 2mth laters I should sign up as I will get $120 voucher for 3G phone and by then all Dopod 810 will be cheaper. And total will be $100 per mth so everything is way better but I had to pay more for it.

We went for Spa massage at The Ultimate and its great! Environment is nice and love the place a lot. It's good to enjoy and relax but now I'm still suffering with backache due to ytd massage which I suspect the blood circulation isn't good enough. Yes, we signed another package of 24mth for $1000 for 10 session. Supposingly there's 60 session for $6000 and we try to cut down most of the session to get 10 session. Poor darling having 2nd instalment for 24mth. :) Yes after the massage we did, there's another add on treatment for Jacuzzi. hehe. Cool.

Housing 1st appt done and $5000 paid to HDB. So, now awaiting for final appt to do the completion so we can get the keys for some simple reno. :)

And yes, there's one idiotic game to share : Ok, you need to think stupid enough for it. :p

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