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Wednesday, August 29

It's sucks big time when the commander know how to talk but yet lousy at stuff. I do not know what to say but to say my unit active commanders should go and eat shit! Firstly, they changed so much on what we are told to do so in the past. Secondly, they were not trained to be in this unit since as a Pte. Thirdly, lousy mentality idiotic thinking.

I shall say:"Welcome back to RT!" That's for '08 session though.

And during the ICT period, we had one exercise which sound nice in the past called "Red Hat" and now they changed to "Red Pepper" WTF? Red Hot Chilli Pepper? Damn you all. 1 2nd Sgt, 1 1st Sgt, 1 2nd Warrant Officer sucks. Don't know anything, please don't try to act so much! Have you seen us Rigging with SBO? Hell to you! We are logistic, not a combatant who fight in frontline. We are suppose to be in the backline providing support. I do not see a reason why! Idiot!

Monday, we had our training EX till 1am and I do not see a reason why I must go home and rest until 6am and fall in back at 9am. So, some of us chose to stay back in camp and rest. 2 NSman Sgt and 8 of us had some talk cock session in the lecture room while waiting for our Macdonald food which will be arriving ard before 3am. Both Sgt resigned after we had ORD and knowing that the change of management getting worse, they chose not to sign on anymore. This unit is no longer the same as like before. We were one of the chosen few to be in this unit and we were damn proud of what we had on our uniform which carry the badge call:" RIGGER ". In the past, once someone drop out after the course or find him been too slack, he is not allow to train as a rigger. But of what I seen today, one freaking admin boy is carrying the Rigger Wing! What the shit is that man! Not that I am bias against admin boy, but he is not a total Rigger now after he downgraded! Why the shit fuck is he carrying it? Yes, he may had finished the course, but for god sake, he no longer had to meet the quota of rigging the stuff to keep him afresh of everything. This is hell no if my Staff (now a Warrant) is still in the unit.

Sadly to say that after the commanders resigned and transferred out, everything had changed. Morale drop tremendously. The quota they did shocked us and per stuff they took is 1hr 40min! I can't imagine the timing because during our time we had the timing of 45min only! We will be punished for been so long and the Sgt were US trained so we were safe to have him around. But according to what my Sgt said, he felt that the CO know none of the shit! And the badge on his uniform isn't genuine! I can't say much because it had to remain to be classified. I just want to vent my anger out!

For fuck sake during the EX time in the morning, we were to do of what the commander passed down and yet in the end one of the rigging had been cancelled and the stuff we did, ... yah.. pass to the active guy for Ex Wallaby. Hell to your SHIT! Fucking Warrant, you do not fucking earn that badge. Don't try to be gila when you are not! 2nd Warrant Karnan, Senior Warrant Chelaillah, 1st Sgt Kenny and 3rd Sgt Toh own this fucking Pride! To the officer of OC: Capt James Liew (Now don't what unit but confirmed Major) and PC: LT Joe (NS). You are the guys whom I respected the most!

Tomorrow, another day of rigging. Hell man.. do what shit man... during war, do we need to be so Safety cautious? The CO can hold the Ops time and told us to clean the area. Ha! We managed to finish the task by what they expected. Sgt Kenny is sad to see what had happened to our Unit, ok that goes to our fellow NSman. Even my junior batch, Hoo Kok Peng, whom my classmate during Secondary School time, also felt that same sentiment! We missed the shouting, scolding because it make the entire company morale been high as we were having fun and it is not as dead as like what we seen now. The NSF boys were stunned when we were been so Gila during our rigging. We were proud of what we were trained as and we hold the hands together till the end of our 6 years service in this unit. 6 more IPPT and RT, 6 more ICT to report to camp per year, 6 more times of gathering! Good luck to the new guys now and bet that during their NSman days, tough life! Yeah.. luckily I did not go for the Ex Wallaby! While the RSAF is having day off, the Riggers had to rig during Sunday! Phew... If I were chosen to go for Ex Wallaby, I will defer off then been an idiotic to go there! The commanders are just out to tekan the people. Where's the fucking welfare?! I do not respect them. I only respect the Senior.

I am proud to be the Rigger.


Be Sure Always.

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