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Monday, August 20

Irritating day for my girl

I had no idea why some people are just that been so irritating after all. If this particular person had no idea what the hell is going on, then just jolly well shut up! Why must she go around spreading bad things about other ppl?! She did not hear both side of the story and yet stating that one side is enough to understand the whole situation but at the same time this girl actually told the rest of the colleague that they also hear one side of the story!

Knowing that my girl is on MC last Sunday, this particular girl whom I shall name her as Lady A, said bad things behind my girl back! My girl did not what exactly happen until the new admin staff told her the whole scenario of what actually had happen. This is totally unreasonable and outrageous act done by this Lady A. Knowing that my girl is in charge of Marine Parade branch, she kept asking my girl to buy things from Popular and yes running up and down to get what this Lady A want. After getting the stuff, the word "Thanks" is not even mention from this horrible mouth of her's! This way too horrible as I felt that my girl do not freaking owed her anything after all. Lady A got the cheek to say that she is bringing the stuff back to Kovan and my girl felt that, if this belong to Kovan, she should have got it from there and not here because of account purposes. Didn't this lady A know what the freak she is doing and take it as if she is the big boss? or rather Balls to you.

My girl told me that her boss told she and another admin lady whom I stated as Lady B, to do a profile for the piano teachers. This piano teacher were both twins and one is under Marine Parade, whilst another at Kovan. Theoretically, both manager should write the profile about the teacher whoever under the which branch and my girl did her own since the boss told them to do each. Surprisingly, one of the twins sister did not told another sister about the profile and this became a big hoo haa. Due to this, the sister called up and told my girl that the twin kept forgotten to bring the profile back from Malaysia. So, in a way, since one of the twin had their own profile already, all what they can do is to replica it. And been stressed by the boss, Lady B had to stay back and do the stuff. My girl been nice to call up what happened result of been scolded for nothing. She thought that Lady B is been pissed thus, never really care about it.

So, after days had gone and till yesterday, she knew the whole story and began to flash back. Telling me that no wonder Lady B kept saying things like:"Knowing its own fault, why the person just do not want to admit the mistake?! Why is there such a person in this world?" Who is she trying to imply at? My girl or the twin? Whose fault? Personally, no one at fault and it's her duty to do so, then do not complaint so much. She dare to say unfriendly things about the boss behind his back but yet remain quiet in front of him! She rather boss owed her then vice versa! So irritating thought! If anything isn't right, just speak up! She came from the army previously, doesn't she knew about 3G?! :p

Next, is Lady A. Back to this woman whom I felt that she is the most horrifying lady I ever met. My girl had been kind enough to guide her about housing, and fight for the weekend off etc.. and yet, all my girl got was such childish act done by her. My girl do not owed her at all and why must she order my girl to do things as if my girl owed her big times? Been kind enough to help without a word "Thanks" is already much pissing off. And she dare to keep throwing off girl ideas! Best of the part, when my girl's coll told Lady A about the idea (which she kind of help my girl to say), the immediate action by Lady A change and said its a good idea! What the freaking disease is she getting ? Moreover, when Lady A asked help to photocopy something, Lady A will kept saying thanks to Lady B but, when comes to my girl. Yah, you know what I am going to say. Is it because of Lady B is older then Lady A thus she give respect and my girl been younger then her and way on top of her, she do not give any respect? This is SO freaking childish!

When my girl joined them for eating session in a room, quiet is the word but when my girl left the room like answering phone call, entertaining to customer, laughter is heard! And best of all, my girl told me that when she is explaining to the customer about the schedule and the next route to move on, Lady A just peeped and look at my girl as if she is doing some stupid spot check.

I do not understand why must she be such an irritating pest in this school. Can't she just do her own things and listen to both side? Yes, I told my girl that she shouldn't feel so weak and ask her boss who is suppose to do the stuff. After hearing from the boss, she did not get the scolding from him and yet apologize that he did not pass down the order in proper manner thus such incident occur. And he also told my girl that he had been eyeing on Lady A. There are too many things that he had the enough reason to eye on Lady A.

And earlier on, my girl smsed me that Lady B called her to sms her the student details and when my girl spot the mistake, usually Lady B will call the exam office for amendment. Now, Lady B told my girl to call or email them about it. I am not wrong by saying that she is another person trying to be difficult. Since she want to split everything up so nicely, let her be. To think she is older, how can she perform such an act and been so childish as Lady A? What's so good about been so nice to other when they do not appreciate it?

Is it the sign that my girl should go for a better opportunity? It is not been guilty by leaving but when the chance is here, strike it while it's hot. These people should wake up their idea. I am confident of my girl way of doing. Even when my girl explain, I will scold her if it was her real fault. But this time round, I am sure that this is a pure misunderstanding whereby some people just want to blow up the matters. Pure shit!

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