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Wednesday, August 22

Good morning. Now the time I start blogging is 6.23am and I am preparing to go back to my usual camp. Once a while, the annual In Camp Training will start as of today till 31st Aug. I had been through 2 High Keys and 1 Low Keys for the past 3 years, and today is my 4th ICT (High Key). I began to wonder so much that what would we be doing? Going back to camp and sleep or what? As usual, around this time all unit in Singapore are preparing for the major exercise call Ex Wallaby which is located in Australia, Shoalwater Bay which is 4 times big of Singapore. Since this is the reason, most of the store had been packed up and what shit will we be all doing? A total of 80 men will report to the camp later on and much as expected, hair check. This is nonetheless not to be miss! I had cut my hair damn short and damn the Sgt better don't try to be funny with me earlier on.

Beside that I am damn anticipate for the meet up of the old mates there. How time flew by and I kept telling myself that have I actually gone through my BMT? haha. Even though there will be a lot of shit thing for us to do, be reminded we are as one kinda: Brotherhood. We do things together, we share the same weal. haha. :p I didn't slept well yesterday because of today ICT. Not that I am scare (in a way, I do not fear at all), I am just excited. If scare will be use on me, there will be my IPPT. I am numb towards that, at most I go back RT with the usual gang (not with Alvin whom cheated me on the PDA phone, ass).

Yesterday, one of the IT engineer from 7th Network whom my company out sourced to, left the job with immediate effect due to quarrel with boss. I had not really asked what actually happen but will try to find out after I book out from the camp. Seem like not only him will leave because his friend in the company felt unhappy as well. Why can't the freaking boss just be nice rather be someone that everyone will hate? Doesn't he know that in long term round, he will start losing client as the turnover rate of the new engineers are damn high? Everyone in the office is damn pissed of explaining again and again. We got to guide the engineer again.... damn...

Ok.. times up. Got to meet dickson and hop into Lawrence's car since he is driving and many thanks for fetching us! Haha

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