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Thursday, August 2

Finally got the payment done up at ABN which is located at One Raffles Quay South Tower. This morning I woke up at 6.30am and went out with my mom around 7am and got in time to reach Chinatown Point about 815am. Yes, I walked all the way from there straight to Shenton Way with my bad tummy! It's horrible feeling to sit in the bus enduring the idiotic pain of mine. But when you walked, the pain generally doesn't exist as much so I quicken my pace forward to my destination. I finally saw Lau Pat Sat diagonally to my right and I roam around the area and started to look at the map which the ABN staff passed it to me yesterday. It doesn't really state where the Lau Pat Sat is located at all so without much of hesitation, I crossed the road when there's not much of cars around and the poor woman who was there for past 5min unable to run across the road. Ok... traffic is bad so you got to be daring enough to cross such obstacle.

The reason I ran immediately to opposite was the word Raffles Quay caught my eyes! But it stated 60 Raffles Quay and where the hell is 1 Raffles Quay with South/ North Tower? I walked around and approached to a traffic warden who was stunned! haha. He is the only person standing there and the rest were rushing here and there.. I feel the mood of working there is so busy, hard to breathe and everyone wore smart enough whereby me with jean and normal shirt. hahaha.. OK, the traffic warden pointed to me the direction which was directly in front of me! Ok.. I didn't the BIG One Raffles Quay word as the stupid tree blocking the view! I was told not to anyhow cross the road and use the traffic light instead. haha.. He was holding on to a camera so you know why. haha.

I went cross the traffic light and went into the North Tower and saw the big familiar word: ABN AMRO! Yes I made it! But another pull me back, there's security guard door like those MRT machine where you need to tap your card to go in, and I went straight to the Customer Service Office and mentioned I want to go to ABN for bill payment so the lady is kind enough to disengage the door for me to take the lift up to level 24. But I was way too early about 8.44am so I had 15min more before the bank officially open. After 10min waiting outside, one of the nice information counter girl came to me asking that am I waiting for someone and I explained what I'm doing here. So, she let me in and told me to wait in the bank since the bank open at 9am. Another 5-7min passed and finally the teller asking for me so I explained to her as I'm here to pay the moneyline. At the meantime I told her that yesterday I called to confirm the bill payment but both officer gave me different amt of money so I felt that it is best that I make my trip down here. Sadly to say that the system isn't boot up so I got to wait for a while which took about another 5min.

Again, the Teller called my name and I settled the bill with her. I was told the interest of today is $4.75 so total is $5004.75 but every cheque issued out for the min interest cost for me is $12, hence the total billing is $5012. I told her I want to pay it all today so I forked out the 5 x $1000 notes and $12 to the teller. I asked is it that by end of month it will be $5012 as well? She explained that it isn't and this is base on daily interest but the min interest for is $12 so since I issued on Monday till today is already $4.75 interest incurred and by end of month it will be more then $12 so theoretically I will have allowance of 10 days to pay up for $5012 and more then 10 days, the interest will be charge daily. As I understood it, I went off quickly bad to office and timing is 9.12am by then. I went out of North Tower and walk towards another direction which I'm wondering why everyone came from South Tower so I went back in at South Tower and saw the escalator which had the logo sign direction of MRT. I went down to the basement and walked all the way to the MRT station and head towards UOB plaza which took me about 10min of walk! This is like Hong Kong MTR basement which the station had various of exit out of anywhere. Finally I reached the UOB plaza and the time stated on my handphone was 9.20am plus and again I adding more energy to quicken my pace toward my office! By 9.27am, I finally reached the Lobby Cafe and ordered my breakfast and head up to the office and I'm just in time! Yes... Ok.. late by few min but it's ok. Luckily I didn't come in at 10am, if not I got to use my Time Off as I told Shee Mun about it yesterday! hehe

Now I gotta transfer all my personal things like PSP games to another hdd as the 7th network guys will come in to check my computer due to the stupid reason of computer auto reboot! Got to clear all the bad things before they check lest I get scolded. Mariam is getting all my PSP games and asking me for advise about PSP which she asked at Bedok. The guy quoted her $540 for a PSP 3.40OE-A, earphone, mem stick and games. After calculating of what Queensway Shopping Centre offered me at $310, I add on the memory stick, screen protector and casing, the guy whom Mariam approached charged her $100+ for the games. $5 per game! Man.. come on I can get my own source for it. :p Let's not be too proud. Anyway, I got the PSP upgraded to 3.52 M33-2 which is done up by team M33. Thanks to them and most of the games do not need UMD but my GTA Vice City needed that. Damn it! haha. Im 36% complete and look like there's more of it to continue! :)

Now everything had been paid and left $2100 for the banquet. Feel like asking a qualify engineer up to the house to check the structure of it but ain't sure how much do they charge for it. Let's see then.

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