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Sunday, August 26

Amazingly that weekend is about to end and tomorrow I'll be back to camp for one major Exercise and I will not be allow to go home until Tuesday noon. This Ex will take about 32hrs non stop and while we going for rest, some of us had planned to get some stuff ready like Poker, PSP etc.. haha This is to kill the boredom. Lots of snoring personnel is going to be heard soon. Haha

I had extremely backache on Saturday and many thanks to my lovely girl who tried very hard to help me ease the aching. The aching is totally unbearable and that show how long I had not been doing some workout! The IPPT on Friday was great to make us do some workout, but as for the 2.4KM run, most of us had failed. This is totally disappointed and there's no way we can do some *mao* haha. I gotten the last 2nd to reach the end point about 18min plus and Dickson been the last. We had joint IPPT during that day with another company and luckily that all of us ran at the same time to reduce the time wastage. I remembered clearly that last year IPPT end about 7pm! That's the worst timing I ever had! So, been the last 2nd runner for the 2.4KM run, I wanted to wait for Dickson since he is the last personnel. I changed my mind and kept running non stop in front in order to catch some breathe. The reason of not waiting for Dickson was that the OC of the other company kept pressuring on Dickson while he is running! Hahaha.. Damn... He took a long time to recover from the tiring run and I believe that he can concuss anytime! To be frank, this is the first time I ever saw him ran non stop and putting a lot of effort! hehe.. But of course, no doubt most of us failed, we do feel great after the run. Some of them agreed that slow jog is better then running too fast when you didn't really run for some time, you might even land in hospital for over exerting your own limit!

Eric, one of my junior back in the service days, making fun of Victor who also failed the running. I remembered he saying that knowing your limit is enough, slow or fast running also produced the same result. Whats the point of making yourself so tiring then? Haha.. Victor, welcome back to RT again. Since there's failers from last Friday, tomorrow there will be retest for us and this is the combined IPPT with the new In Camp Training personnel who is going to book in the morning. If this is organised by own company, all of us will be trying and if it is from other company, we all will not be taking to save our strength for night exercise.

Finally that the HDB had sent out letters that 5th of Sept we will be collecting the keys! So exciting man! I'm wondering that why everything got to fall on 5th Sept? First, Department lunch at Seoul Garden, then night time for Ministry Of Sound gig. And now the HDB. Look like lunch had to go off as I am not sure what time will the HDB things will end. Best of all, we got to reach there by 0830am at HDB hub. Damn early! Look like I got to hang on until damn late for about 24hrs. Imagine that I have to work the next day? Hilarious! WooT. Kelvin told me Neilee can't be found, hence I might had to take over to play his position which is 2hrs for the slot. Look like I got to get more Tech House, Deep House in case I do not had enough tunes. Even though it is enough for these, I began to worry for the hype up moment which is more dark tunes to vibe up the crowds. Kelvin again stress me that the period that I am playing for is the soulless moment so I got to move the crowds into PURE to make them stay with us, 44Beatz. I will be practising later on, hoping that the amp do not break down so fast.

I watched 881 yesterday with my girl and all thanks to HSBC one complimentary tickets! haha Overall we do save a lot for the movie and combo popcorn. Oh yeah, the cheesy hotdog cost only $2 for 2! The price is way cheaper at Jurong Point then Plaza Singapura! Really like the show a lot which really draw the attention of uncles and aunties. One of the auntie is damn funny by talking so loud in the cinema and kept laughing when the show is showing people kissing and best: Dying?!! I almost wanted to tell the auntie to tone down your voice but thinking that this is their first time watching in the cinema, I let her be since she is not too irritating just the wrong time of laughter and talking. Good movie to catch and it is a pity to miss. In Singapore, such film is easily attracted by the audience. The reason is because that it is very near to our daily lives and most of the people wanted to watch what they usually say outside in the film. No matter what, I still strongly think that daily lives always attract our attention. Royston Tan did a good job. I finally heard my friend, Kewei played the Er Hu for one of the Hokkien song! Nice! Didn't know she played that since young when I asked her over at MSN. Incredible that most of the hokkien song is damn nice. I like the song, (Yi Ren Yi Bang)! Thumbs up! That Qi Yu Wu is funny that he is always with the cock! :p Haha But one of the most irritating part for the show is the feathers and darts which they took it out and start to attach each other. This is the most meaningless of all for this song. Yah, even though I knew this is part of the comedy and effect. I think I will buy the DVD for my parent to watch if it is release later part. I be waiting for "Hairspray" movie.

Look like there's so many upgrading getting on. First Lot 1 is upgrading which I guessed that it is about the time to upgrade for better facilities. Then Jurong Point is doing Condo above the mall which the concept is the same as the one over at Sengkang Compass Point. Over at Orchard road, there's way too many construction and upgrading going on. Royal Plaza Hotel (upgrading), Scott Hotel (Demolished), ION Orchard (Building), Specialist Shopping Centre (Enbloc and doing the new mall. I saw the name beside it doing the construction call Central Orchard? Can't remember), next the last one is beside UOL building (building). Apart for office and hotel, school is one of it too beside Parklane call SOTA. Look, there's so many building a long the Orchard Road, I'm wondering that having so many shopping center at the same place is quite weird. What will they be selling apart from the usual shops you can see anywhere. Hmm.. I am anticipating for Suntec area to be done up because I can enjoy the Citylink mall by underground and go up to Suntec City just like before. Rather that the overhead bridge which is quite Chaos whenever there's computer fair! (Yes! End of month!)

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