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Friday, August 24

Already the 3rd day of ICT and few more days to go. There's fun and laughter around all the NSman but yet there's displease by the active guys in the unit. Yesterday, we were told to accomplish one of the task and in need of drawing out stores, 2 teams in total and 1 of the teams had drawn out but left little things to do. Apparently, I went and ask, how is the store and when is it ok, all what I heard is bored answer:"Wait" The moment I saw his face, I freaking felt that the world owed him big time! I had no idea why does such ppl must be in this unit?! He even dare to complaint up about us for taking his stores without permission. One of the most unhappiness was, he came by me and drop the heavy duty metal onto the trolley (heavy duty type whereby the surface were all metal)with a loud noise! I felt damn pissed and said, if you want to put thing down, do the proper way, do not freaking just drop it as if I fucking owed you. I will report this matter by the end of the ICT against this active guy. Puiz. Irritating pissed of shit, better off to other unit and the rest of the people will irritate you during ICT.

Today: IPPT <- can I passed? Hardly I guess. Haha

I'm aching all over from yesterday hardwork, guessed that it had been a long time since I move hard chore things. Now army allow us to wear tee in the uniform but only brown army tee is allow and it must be long 4 while doing admin. sigh... We got to work on long 4 until deugene stand down. I still missed the old garang people. Nowsday, I can believe that I just want to pass the ICT as fast as possible. The usual practise is no longer here, all 3G affected on them greatly and there's too many unbelievable changes.

6.50am already and I guess I better move out and meet the rest lest I am late. haha Got to avoid jam at Clementi around 8am as there's too many cars heading to office at the same time. haha

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