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Sunday, August 19

After reading Darrel Blog, I decided to blog as well after reading that it had been days since I blogged it.

Last Wednesday, my girl and me rented Fiat Punto since we had a long day to settle some of the stuff like buying things and going places for praying. I never knew that Fiat is indeed a good car to drive on as I often thought they are damn old fashioned type! Haha Punto really impressed me by its automatic (whatever) and the semi manual drive. Not to forget enjoying the drive, I insisted my girl to drive too! She got to be independent for driving the car and be brave on road and remember that she is no longer a L Plate driver! Whenever she is scared, some nonsense excuses from her will be like tummyache, headache but deep in her, she wanted to drive! haha. She obliged to drive after seeing me been so pissed, she feel scare on road after I scolded her due to some mistake she did. I told her that I can't tell her that its ok, next time do better. She is on road and it is very dangerous so I got to warn her at all times so that she keep it in mind. She did well afterall, just that practise more make perfect.

I brought my work home to do as tmr morning I gotta courier out to the client before 2pm. 5 different language VO for Jurong Bird Park talking booth which to explain about the birds, the area etc. Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, English and Malay. I finally done it and took me about an hour or so to do the editing plus compression.

My wonderful computer at work seem to protest non stop! Even after the changes of Motherboard and Power Supply, the computer still restarted it just when I on the external DVD rom. It occur like no idea why and suspected that this is due to low memory and I had no idea why the management find it SO HARD to increase the ram of mine. Even the IT personnel and IBM IT guy said that the ram is damn slow. Hearing from the IT personnel that my manager is getting the new comp for me which mean it is a Vista Windows. Crappy. argh.. and best part will be.... STILL IBM! I rather have HP then IBM! IBM is mainly good for program and normal usage, not really for production, why can't the manager just wake up the idea that it is not because of the support and cheap, its the efficiency! HP do give good support! And I can't explain why must the IT company been so fucking irritating to provide only IBM when production work is not suitable at all! All because they got the cheaper deal from IBM and this is bull shit. argh!

Anyway, 5th Sept is drawing nearer and all thanks to Kelvin that he changed my DJ name to ojosho instead of DjoshO. :s ojosho look a spectacle and the part to hold the spect. O-josh-O wonderful. Daniel told me that I am for first set and I got a shock of life and quickly ask Kelvin which set I am in! Thanks to Kelvin again, hahaha he rest assured me that I'm for the 2nd, need not to bother about the name on the card. Phew~

Wednesday- ICT. Hahaha Cock duty rigger called me up just to remind the ICT is on '32' Aug! I HUH loudly and the irritating shit phone line made me unable to hear what the caller is talking about until I gave an irritating voice, I CANT HEAR YOU!. Again, his voice appear with a little of irritating phone voice... yah 32... I interrupt his sentence back and say, Twenty Second is it?! He still got the cheek to say" Wait..." 30sec later he say "Ya" . WTF... You called me to remind the ICT date and you ask me to hang on and what's up with Thirty Two Aug? Find the date out for me.. is it because of 7th mth??? OMG. There's no 32 AUG! :p!!!

Ok.. Lovely ICT, here I come! Hahaha. Time to go head back to camp and relax big time!

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