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Friday, July 27

Wonderful rainy days... and its been confirmed that my friend gotten the message that everyone do not want the Dopod because there's absolutely no call from him. I really wonder why must he be like that. Damn pissed off.

Recently, the friendly client said that we didn't provide enough song lyrics for them because out of 42 songs, there are a total of 20 songs that were not stated on net so the worst scenario which I hoped not to have is to type out the lyric while listening to it! Oh dear! End up my manager really gave such ideas to Keith and me! Of course I was pissed will such stuff and I got a feeling my manager do not really want to talk to me and face directly to Keith instead. LOL. Ok, end up we still carry on do it but luckily we had helps from the intern as his English is strong enough to catch the word. Here's the best part, I found one of the artistes over at and I even PM her for lyrics! :p Oh dear... to think I dare to ask for it! Luckily she did replied today with the lyrics as well! Wonderful though. Her music is really nice and I'm greatly appreciate that!

Natalie Stovall. Wonderful music!

If I Run To You Now

Its obvious you’re the only one for me
The stars line up, our lives fit so perfectly
It goes beyond all of my basic instincts
And I can’t disprove you cause you’re everything I believe
I don’t know why it took me so long
To see what’s been right in front of me all along

If I Run To you now
Will you have me or did I wait too late to decide?
If I run To You Now
Will we have to give up before we’ve even tried
We know that we would be perfect for each other
But circumstances prevented possibility
Until Now

I can feel that I’ve worn out my welcome
You’re learning how to get by without me at your side
When I’m in doubt you are the strong one
So tell me how will I live without you in my life
I can’t explain why I’ve been in denial
Must be insane to not see it until now


I don’t know why it took me so long
To see what’s been right in front of me all along


And also, I'm been watching some war film on and these are what I want to share. Britain Marines fighting over at Afghanistan. (From BBC) Love the documentary.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

And next, some nice fun video:


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