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Wednesday, July 18

Taken the medical report yesterday with my girl and her overall test is good. Congrats to her. But it isn't good for me as there are up in the test. Cholesterol as usual up by 2 points which is 209 compared to last year 207 and the margin is 200.

For uric acid margin is 5.0 and the test result shown 9.0 compared to last year 7.0. So a lot of beans got to cut down and no more beans/ red meat stuff as maintain the healthy lifestyle. Lots of exercise got to work out do reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good ones. Another shocking will be glucose as this belong to sugar part and I'm 0.3% away from diabetic range. Again, the workout and reduces lots of sugar, rice, noodles etc. I am lucky that I do not really fancy tibits as that give me to control the sugar level. Look like I must try and stop eating lots of Kaya too as it is one of my favourite stuff. As to reduce the bad stuff, the doctor again told me to do more workout, loss more weight so everything will be nice.

Luckily the treadmill is coming today to my girl house so she can try and start training. If space allow, I wouldn't mind that the machine is at my house for weight loss training and increase my stamina. :) But now the main problem will be clearing away my sister stuff and dismantle some part so as to re shuffle my entire equipment. I like my personal room and it is much spacious so it will be great to transform to our love nest bedroom so the lovely table got to go as to place the king size bed. There are things that got to go and no choice even though it is so nice.

I tried the Suana Solution which is bought from the TV mart, the stuff is to heat your tummy and make you sweat and burn the fats even though you are not doing any exercise. The only part which is not working is the heart because there's no workout involved, only the burning of fats. I loss 2.5 inches after the suana session and yes I will gain back after I input the food but remember, you got to use for 45days non stop and let your tummy rest for a week before you carry on. It is good for those who want to sweat out but no time for workout! I'm not selling it but just sharing the thought of mine.

The bowens lights had been sold off at the nice price of $1500! I began not to believe in Jinbeis due to inconsistent color temp and output. It is good for hobby but never for paying job due to different result as told by one photographer online whom I approached in the forum. I set my mind on Elinchrom as Bowens is way too expensive to get it. Cathay Photo is selling Elinchrom at $2090 and Ruby is selling the Bowens at $2800. Both of the package are the same which include 2 x light, softbox and umbrella, stands and bag. But Elinchrom will include few more stuff. The only difference for these both are the watt output: Bowens 500w and Elinchrom 400. Not a big issue for trial and error for me. I guessed Elinchrom is way better and I going to use some of the banks credit line for payment since there's 0% for few mths involved. Got to count carefully on the payment as not to owed too much to the bank.

A lot of people said that why am I spending money again for these stuff when I'm getting marry and do I see the need? After calculation and by using credit line from different bank, no issue cause at all. And also for the usage, yes I do not have the job now but I would like to learn more about strobe positioning, trial and error for any shoot. Felt that without any practising for the shoot, I wouldn't have the confident to shoot for client and it is way too navie to think that I can shoot after so many months of not handling the strobe light. It is impossible I can step into the battle field after 1 mth notice that the client want to commence the shoot and I start buying the equipment. This is call investment and practise hard to make sure I am full of confident for the client shoot and able to fulfill what they want. Practise make perfect and as for now, I can try a lot of stuff and put it up on the web to showcase parts of the stuff that I had done.

Another thing was that Jason from Frontallabs told me to help out for composing ambient tune for another company and within 2 days, I got everything done up and the comments was it too zen for them. While I'm waiting for information due to payment, I put on hold for some changes due to drum beat and yet the answer got back was the song is actually for Mindef and not for that company. It was so weird that Mindef had Music & Drama Company to do it, why source out?! The most irritating part: They are not willing to pay for it. What the hell! I withdraw and not willing to give the song to Mindef as the matter of not paying. Why waste my effort doing free for nothing even though I'm given credit on the site. No use, money talks now. I am no longer the old Josh who willing to do free of charge.

I put up the song on my space and I did sent the link to Yukun for listening and he is pleased and wanted me to send him the song for his future Lush 995 private reserve show. I am glad that he is willing to showcase my stuff on air and greatly appreciate for the effort! Cheers pal!

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