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Saturday, July 21

Supposingly there's stuff to do today like meeting up with Kelvin for some discussion but gotten a sms from him this morning around 7am saying that he is too drunk so the discussion will be on tomorrow. So I might had to carry the CDJ out with me tomorrow as I had to meet Weijiang to pass back his CDJ as his pal needed for some stuff. So its again another rushing day for me. Then within the week, I had to get back due to some practising so the meet up is again got to make. :)

Apart from the postponed meet up with Kelvin, the Dopod collection is again and never seen to be new to me got push back. This time: PDA screen went black and the supplier get the set back and exchange it for us. I had to admit that PDA does have such situation occur so I nothing but the confirmation date once again. Tentatively will be on Tuesday since he said that supplier will pass to him on that day and if been told that if he is unable to produce the sets of Dopod, the supplier is willing to give anything to Alvin of what he requested. Of course, Alvin asked for Pink Dopod (Apparently, I cannot find online so I had no idea how true since it is stated as limited edition).

Been quite sick of tired with all the excuses, I remain calm but in a strong tone stating that I want to know when can you give me the phone, I am not interested with the Pink Dopod. The reason is I am not a kid and say why not let it delay so I can get that Pink Dopod? Alvin told me most likely Wed/ Thurs and I immediately cut into his conversation and demand that if the supplier is able to give all set on Tuesday, I want you to check the entire phone at the same time and ring me immediately so I can come to collect the phone. I am not been rude or pissed him off because I am just sick and tired with all the stupid excuses given by him. And why in the first place when he got the dopod, he didn't check for us? All the reason will be Boss ordered him to go other branches to settle. What more can I say? All I can think of is, I do not care much but to see my dopod next week if not all of us will withdraw out. Feeling quite down tone of him kept saying "I know, no choice." I do not see a reason why must I remain as a good guy when he is getting me on my nerve. I demand more things to be given free on that day of collection because of long period of waiting. I could have gone to Singtel and get it straightaway.

Will be heading down to Cathay Photo later on for my purchase of Elinchrom strobe. Wondering a FX400w or RX 600w. The diff is near to 1k and of course the 400w package is enough more fabulous as compared to 2 x 600w (I just got to know it's 2 to go set). But the extra thing I might need to buy will be: 1 x umbrella, sofbox, 2 x stand, protection hood, bag for storage; which 400w did provide these. I guess I go for 400w despite the RX600w is even better. At the same time, I will get X-rite grey card for color white balance which isn't cheap after all, $140! So reflection stuff, styrofoam board is my best friend. And yes, a short white background paper too. Maybe one more of translucent paper which is good for a lot of product shoot.

Huge spending but I going to give my best shot for everything. I can't afford to fail.

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