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Wednesday, July 11

The promise is again failed! Look like the Dopod will come around in months time or so... its been week after week with weird excuses which I found hard to digest. Why is it so hard to collect the PDA phone of ours. This is totally unreasonable of what my friend had promised before. Totally disappointment... this will be the first and last time I'm getting it from him.

My girl and me got a Treadmill at Plaza Sing yesterday since there's roadshow from Aibi. After much of consideration, we gotten the auto incline and short cut feature on the handle as the final decision. The sale guy wasn't too pushy but took a lot of time to explain each treadmill cons and pros which we do not feel uncomfortable at all. Of course, with the attractive cost he gave us, it is way too hard for us to resist the deal. Incredibly, we managed to close deal at the attractive offer by him and of course, we bet that's the first egg breaking of the day! Haha.. Even his supervisor came over and willingly to give us a longer installment period. We were totally pleased thou and very grateful to the ppl at Aibi. Wonderful. Look like they got to pay more interest to the bank. haha. If we got the enough money to pay off, we will try to pay back to bank whatever we could.

I got lots of ideas for photo shooting like shooting some swirling colored water in the flask or shooting some cups...utensil which had the hidden agenda. I want to aim something more of creative more than just a photo shoot. Sadly to say that I'm lack of equipment. Yes, studio light is a must to come with but I am thinking that I should be able to live on with styrofoam board then a reflector which cost about $290 (photoflex brand). Other than that, is the light. Due to limited space, I do not think I can create more 'light' just by using styrofoam... I felt that, there's couple of things which can be done but due to limited resources.. I feared that all these are just a dream of mine. sighz... just having bad mood recently... totally sad..

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