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Thursday, July 5

Just did 2 loops for the site (Breaks and House), but according to Vortex, he felt that Breaks can be better and I will try to make it happen. Thanks to the wonderful Glitch VST which I just remembered that it can be put on the nice drum effect.

I had been riding these few days and yesterday parking at Riverwalk result a lock on my wheel! Ok.. it was chained! What the hell happen thou and I quickly call the guardroom requesting for some explanation since I'm working in the building. The mister nice guard told me to cool down and he explained that all vehicle not registered will be chained because this lot meant for the office bikers as level 1 were full packed by the outside bikers. Of what I heard from one of the biker at the same level, due to free parking for bikes, all bikers like to park here and the employee of the office building can't park and left the bike at the top level. The management had to open 3 car lot mainly for bikers to park the bike so as not to obstruct the traffic.

The best thing as I saw on the paper, it never indicate what wrong I did and everything were left untick... the guard made noise that the person who chained my bike did not perform his work well. With his nice and patience talk, I felt comfortable and not feeling angry anymore. Luckily the mr nice guard had a nice temper and told me to calm down before he talk. All of us work for ppl, no use angry... haha.. nice way of putting it.

This morning, along the paterson road.. (I reckon), one mofo cut into my lane without signaling! I was pillioning my mom and these MOFO irritate me and I horned at the fooker! Toyota SBU1221M<- Mark X! U horrible corrigible person, PUT SIGNAL CAN YOU! Can you fucking see the bikers on road?! U freaking piece of shit!

Luckily my mixer weren't down when I'm doing my stuff yesterday so... I can hang on for a while. As for CDJ1000MKIII, I was planning to get and I guess borrowing from others will do. I know that such decision will result some talk behind my back. Some pple will think that for what the fuck I borrow for and can't I just get one for myself? Alright, say what you want. I do not need to care a simple shit about you. This is me.. why you care.

Met David for makeup services, many thanks for him.her to help out for my entire wedding studio shoot plus actual day and both mothers. Terrific... you are a great buddy/sister to me. I'm hoping that the BS will get the gown out nicely down if not I'm going to scream at them! I will rather change to other ppl to do then stick to their horrible services... I shall not reveal the name till everything is over or I change. To think that the MTM is you see the final product on that day.. not even a mock up for you and see you like it or not.. why is the business like that? What a way of running the business! Sucks... We requested for early first fitting and result some horrible remarks like.. why you kept changing the date? You are not the only person doing the gown. I mean.. whats your fucking attitude! Sign package, u so nice.. now.. fucking shit! Horrible! I going to thrash them when I see her again.. what a LADY boss! Yucks! You better pray the outcome will be nice.. or else... don't think Im always quiet in BS doesn't mean I had no comments or I can't argue at all.

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