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Sunday, July 29

Grand Theft Auto making me damn addictive till I dare to play it in office hours! Ok, normally when I went to loo for some business, PSP is with me throughout. Haha.. I was stuck over at one mission till I finally overcome it by clearing today! With much of frustration in my mind because of timing, I did a searched via the net for the walkthrough. Yes I found the walkthrough and finally just as what I thought of to use one transport to save time. I didn't realised the transport until I read it online. This is the walkthrough for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for PSP.

Did a fabulous dinner with my darling and together with her coll, Avy and my bro, JJ. We met at Marina South Station and travel to our destination to start our craving of Steamboat!!! It was flocked by crowds and there's no single empty table for us till we waited for about 15min! Haha.. At the same time when someone left the table, my darling walked to me saying that there's another table which the customer were about to go off and it wasn't too smoky. The nice people even told my darling that they about to go off so they can stick around for a while. End up we did took that table but there's some commotion going on as I already took the ticket initially and I had no idea why the 2nd guy do not want to change the table number, he instructed me to head back to the fellow and tell him about it and I obliged. The chinese boy told me that the guy who was setting up for us can do the change, so again I went back to get it done but due to language problem, we weren't sure about his meaning so he himself went to ask around until he changed the table number for us. Weirdo huh... what I can understood was the sector isn't the same... Haha.. Anyway, we did had our fill and surprisingly that I didn't took a lot of food today! I felt full after a while... maybe due to the fried rice, noodle and curry that I taken... Supposingly I should be glutton as I didn't took my lunch at all... I was so healthy cautious that I kept clearing away oil of my delicious chicken meat.. ahha.. I guessed that the sinful food make me guilty and I'm planning for jog in the morning (If I can wake up and I do have backache now). Haha

I thought of swimming early this morning but backache isn't that nice to me so I kept on sleeping, partly the weather is kinda weird so I didn't went for swim. But next Saturday, Sim will be joining me as we agreed over the last weekday.

While waiting for cab to go home from my girl house, I began to flash back a lot of memories especially the Hong Kong trip I went with my girl because the experience is fun and the most memorable part will be the first day whereby we kept finding The Peak despite of the rain. Haha..

Of course, another memory will be during my NS days when I went to Australia for military training. I remembered going to and fro hostel and drop zone. The long stretch of straight road give no light but from the moon and the only guideline will poles after poles by the road to give the reflection from the car headlight. This is to prevent any accident that the cars will drive out of the road. I can remembered the road is quiet and the only vehicles that I can see will be trucks with strong light shining on the road. It look magnificent as if you see an UFO coming right from your way. haha.. Ok, next to be careful will be Kangaroo, thats why Australia Jeep were mounted with guard infront of their engine.

I love the feeling from normal road to uneven rocky road which was the way that lead us to Wallaby HQ. It took about 2hr to reach the signboard from our hostel (University) and add on to 45min to reach the base camp. Another 30min to reach our drop zone where we did our mission over there. I remembered one day before the mission which start about 8pm, all of us went to base camp for a stroll and little dinner before we go back for our mission. Due to classified case, I can't mention what mission we were doing. All I remembered was, when we set the pole at the designated area, it was spread out far enough for the aircraft to see the drop zone. So 4 poles had to be real far apart and, under day light we were able to see where it was and we got to turn on the IR battery before the aircraft come. Since it operated on battery, we can't turn on real early lest of battery went flat so under the night time with no light at all, we had to find back the IR stick which was about 100m or further! The only part we did was to put on the cylum stick to guide us, but it wasn't too bright at all though. :p So, after we on the battery, we ran back to the safe location for the mission to start. Blah blah blah when the mission is done, part of the people will go and recover the load and 1-2 guys will find the 2 sticks which is much nearer and the furthest apart will be recover by jeep by using the headlight. Haha.. just remember, the drop zone is about like a Christian Cross. The 2 far end, just imagine that.

I will not remembered that I got to find a 32ft load near Samuel Hill and 3 of us with Warrant Officer got to set off at 3am to dropzone. A total of 6 hrs journey to there and imagine 32 foot is damn long but from my position where I'm standing, the load look just nice of my thumb only! Can you imagine the distance that we got to walk towards?!!! Beside that we got to carry a 10K SWL chain in there to retrieve the stuff before COA came in to see the exercise?! Duhs.. we were lucky that our WO knew its impossible for 3 guys to clear the load, he got the whole Guardsmen platoon to help us! PHEW!!!!!

I do miss the time when we were off from mission and spending night at Hostel. Watching R(A) show on tv. haha.. We even off the light to watch it! Haha.. It was their Cable so to Australian, it was normal for them thou. Hehe.. I always have my favourite vanilla milkshake at that time. hehe.. I can't help typing more of my trip as I remembered so vividly! I remembered I was told to go another place for some stuff and I didnt brought my bag along as my hostel key were in there so I waited about 1hr at the carpark... I am touched that my CQ sgt were with me all while LOL...

When it rains, it can't stop for days and part of the hostel were flooded and I love to walk in the water seeing water flows and attempted to make my foot cold! SHIOKNESS! Initially we were told to stay at the Junior Hostel and after 2 days all of us went to Senior Hostel which were right in front of us. Haha.. One of the room became a gambling den, haha.. some of us went to watch tv and some in the room having rubbish session. Hehe.... So fun.. I will chat these with my baby tmr and want her to feel the happiness I had. Guess that I should scan everything of my photos out to share my trip to Australia during the year 2000. Hoping I can go there again next year despite it wasn't with my mates but the junior. Was told this time round, more of reservists will be going and WOOT! Yea.. I miss the wonderful treatment when I went for R&R during the last 2nd day and only a few of us went and it mean Only us! No other unit were involved and everywhere were booked for us and there's "Welcome Singapore Armed Forces" COOL!

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