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Monday, June 11

This is some of the review from Ken Rock Well regarding to 50mm Macro. And yes, I gotten my 50mm f2.5 compact macro as some of the ppl mentioned in the forum that I would need to have wide then narrow if I do want to shoot food photography. From 100mm to 50mm choice :)

Got my stuff from CP at Peninsula last Saturday at $550 with B+W filter cost me $62. With that, I also gotten my 580 EXII external flash at $730. The price for the flash is n't a big issue for me since the difference ain't too wide apart. Wanted to get from tkfoto as the stuff cost $30 lower then CP but due to installment credit card limitation, I went to CP. It's time to apply for DBS card thou, they are a huge influence for applying installment. I had fun with the stuff and did some shoot yesterday with my poster color and color pencil.



And yes, due to this is a 50mm campact macro, it reach only 1:2. For 1:1 macro, I need a life size converter.

After the shoot, I went out to buy Missy Donut at BPP and suddenly someone walked beside me at a very fast speed and thought who wanna find trouble with me. Haha.. End up, damn Zan! And yes, I met Ralp too who turn big size and freaking fit. Personal Trainer now. haha.. And yes.. that give me one more choice WHO to invite to my wedding. While buying the donut, there's a girl who Q behind me had a freaking high pitch voice who kept talking about Only eat Sushi Tei and don't buy too many donuts due to her bad experience at Vivo City which Yucks to her taste. And kept implying the donut at raffles is damn good (which I doubt so). Kept saying if she going to Q, yes.. a huge bunch of ppl going! Nbz.. bth her!

End up I got 6 donuts from there and love the taste. Will load up some pic later on.
Thought of buying for office but thinking .. I'm not the one leaving! hahah.. Eventually I bought for my own! Yummy. Also, I brought my cam for testing and to shoot more good photos for Teresa since tmr is her last day. I do not mind the heavy equipment as I wanted to practice more, need not to be shy about! Heh Swensen at Funan! woot! ;) *sore throat* :(

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