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Friday, June 15

Sugarina cupcake blog. Charlene got some fantastic cupcakes from this girl and she did it all by herself. Many thanks to Charlene and Sugarina for the great effort, I really appreciate a lot and bet the rest do feel the same too. The cupcakes is very nice and lovely looking, just that the minus point will be the sweetness. It is way too sweet for me but I do like the chocolate rice cupcakes as it blend in nicer then the icing strawberry butter. Nevertheless, Charlene also bought Polar cakes for us and before she leave, another present for everyone which the box actually contains some sweets and chocolate! In there, it contain one wooden alphabet which stand for your first alphabet of your name. Was told that she will be on July as depending whether the office needed extra helps or not. The funniest of her saying that in Chinese! For July been said in Chinese is actually 'Qi Yue' and this 'Qi Yue' actually stand for Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival! Man... What a way explanation.

After Alex taken the photo of rainbow, again I went to take some of my own which the sky is even bluer then before! It look fantastic! I try to upload later on. Teresa appeared today to join us for lunch, again we were touched by her sincerity and of course she even took some photos with Sandy today! At least she managed to finish taking all photos as Sandy was away for exam fever stress. (congrats for Sandy finish the exam and taking one month break before her school term start again.)

Seem like 2 ppl had left the office make the rest feel so quiet though. We must learn how to appreciate Randy while he is still with us! hahaha... At least our department do not feel so cold after all! We do feel the sadness since 2 people had left haha.. But that's life as we have to see because leaving is part and parcel of our life.

Seem like my soundcard or mixer is giving some problem and I am not able to rectify which cause the bad connection. The speaker kept having bad connection sounding, tried to plug the speaker cable to my soundcard, but it doesn't really work for no shit reason! The size and head are the same, but why the audio jack can't go in the hole of my soundcard breakout box! Kinda piss piss piss!! Now I got to bear with the bad connection.. ok.. on and off sounding.. darn.

I watched the episode of "Bloodymary" from Supernatural yesterday night. Erm.. not really scary as what Charlene told me! Pengz... Its just special effect and the wonderful sound designer and post production engineer work! haha Applaud!!!

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