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Sunday, June 24

Over the week

Had no idea what to say thou... all what I can update was the mixer is still down even though I changed the input to mixer to channel 1 and 2 but the output seem to give problem especially on the right. What could be the problem then?

My uncle had passed away 2 days ago and I had to help out a little at the funeral if they do. I do not mind shooting some photographs for them even though it is free but to me, I will rather them to approach me then I been too initiative.

Anyway, my girl got some stuff from John Little at Specialist Shopping Centre since it is Good Bye to there. Astonishing to me, the entire layout at JL does look like Merry King to me! Merry King is actually a shopping centre at BKK located at Chinatown and every level that you go, the lesser the stuff. Ok, at least JL had more ppl and stuff, just that some were sold out due to the amazingly sale price. Imagine a cardigan which my girl got cost only $2 each?!! Haha.. Ok.. I didn't get anything due to many reasons like not in need... want some gadgets... haha..

Been a long time since I stepped in to Paragon and woah.. haha.. tempted to get the Paragon card.. but I guess it will be hard because we do not go there for shopping always.. so why waste the time?? But the card is really nice. Oh ya! I finally gotten my DBS CC and yes! Freaking happy as they rejected me last year!!!! Haha... But I will not use it till I really need to because of my tons of bills! :( My dearie paid 100 bucks plus on some supplement for health like building up the body, stay healthier and improve my bone connection... which I cannot rem the word of it.

I am currently enjoying my OTO Trimax while typing my blog and I really need some workout! I been too lazy and kept putting on weight!!! How to be a handsome groom! Oh dear.... thats bad thou! Time to keep fit and of course... stay healthy!

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