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Thursday, June 7

Many displeased with HDB when I had sent in my girl and mine payslip via fax. When we called to clarify the process of the HLE, what we had the answer were totally confusing because part of the ppl received and part of the ppl called and said I never submit. 2nd time as I fax in which is just yesterday, again we called to rush them as Friday is our end of 14wk protection. Reply from them were yes it is with them or next moment it isn't. I can't simply understand whats wrong with them working well enough and get the document tidy up after all. This is so annoying that I had no idea how to handle with them.

When a lady talked to my girl on phone, everything will clear up after finding it so all we had to do is to wait. Best part was that when my girl called to find out since she been waiting for some time, no such person was found! I'm like.. what the fish is going on? All the while we been waiting and fax twice to them and yet.... WTF. End up the lady who picked up my girl call told her that all document was found and placed on the person in charge table but given no idea when the person will do for us. Luckily within 10min of waiting, I received at a call from the number 6490 xxxx, I knew it was from HDB and the person identified himself as Mr Toh who is the person in charge and yes our Loan had been approved. With no much hesitation, I would want to collect the document by hand since email isn't allow for such confidential document. Immediately I applied my time off and dashed out for it.

Now.. after the Loan had been settled, I guess I am really facing a huge big shit problem... MONEY! First I got to pay $4000 to the seller for half of the payment and luckily I paid up $1000 earlier on. But another big issued mentioned by my girl was that we had to pay the agent $3400 which is based on $340K deal and we ought to pay them 3.4K best before GST hike up. During this moment of time, I felt that I left with none to pay up to anybody. My mom happened to find out that she got to return the money back to insurance this month and I wun want to touch a single cent from her. So the best will be using my Citibank Ready Credit cheque to pay it all. At most the 2nd instalment for the banquet which cost $2100 will be bear by my mom. Now I got a fear of how the fuck can I pay off these debt. And I think I'm not going to buy my external flash and shall wait till my job come in and rather stable then buy it even though I had to pay for the 7% GST.

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