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Monday, June 4

Im wondering what happened to me as I kept having something grow on me which is called 'long' in mandarin. I do not know the term in English. Apparently this time is much worst than I thought! It was on my thigh and it became swollen on the circumference, began red and harden. I got to see doctor early in the morning and guess I had to take MC to rest at home due to such situation. I can't walk properly, squat and turn when I need to, the pain is like been cut! ouch is the only feeling I can express now.

Over the weekend I been to Scape Park as Martin needed photographer to cover the event for Team Singapre, Urban Archery. Ok, I had my fun by playing the archer and shot quite alot too. The end result is good and the only worries I had was the external flash because I do not own one. So after the entire event had passed, Im certainly had the confident on my Canon 5D because I shot with ambient light throughout these 2 days. I was told to cover the event from 11.30am-4pm but not on Sunday when the one of the guy from SSC want me to come from 12-2pm. I obliged since I do not know what's going on till I spoke to Martin. Only he agree with it then I will get pay for what I did for them.

The shot is rather easy. Event shoot, what else do you need. Just shoot is the main word afterall. Need not to think too much thou. I had part of the photos sent up to my server on Saturday late night since the guy want to send it to Strait Times but sadly to say I didn't see any of them for yesterday and today. But Keith told me news did cover the stuff. Hmm.. Maybe I missed out the main page of the ST. hehe.

Luckily I managed to finish the photos earlier on and will be sending to the guy tmr for him to get it download. Yes.. then I will get pay. Yesterday after the shoot, I went home and rest till the buyer want to meet me for my canvas so I obliged and managed to meet up at SLS. I sold it at $150 and managed to get a step transformer from UF shop for $56 at 300watts. Mainly for my DJ set due to unknown watt so to play safe, I got the step up transformer and luckily it is auto detection. Wanted to try out earlier on but realising one of the dj set had parts of the wire not connected... so I cant use it.. :(

Company is having appraisal and stated on email it was the first time my company is doing. But in fact, our department for Audio isn't new to us as we had this 3 years ago. So stupid.

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