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Thursday, June 21

Got it work!

I guess I must be blind while doing this scribefire because of the setting of account! All I need is to put in my nickname on the column given and to think I del everything and put in my blog url which is not meant to be.

Anyway, thanks to my darling who got my iPod yesterday and yes.. its a iPod video 30gb. The stuff bought was from Epic Orchard mac shop and of course I am very anxious about the stuff I got it! There's couple of promotion there, iPod video for 12% discount or iWorld FM Transmitter. We chosen the 12% discount and got it at $378 (I reckon) as the guy told us the iWorld receiving is really bad and I did requested for FM radio which I can walk around with radio too.. He recommended FM Transmitter by Kensington which is actually a transmitter to listen to the radio when both frequency met! It doesn't work in a way like a radio, it is purely a transmitter! And best is, I cant control the volume from the scroll! I was so sorry for my baby that she paid for it. :( But lucky she got it change early this morning for a ipod remote radio which I be getting it tonight when I meet her to test it. Sad to say it is in white color and not black as my ipod is in black.

For the FM transmitter, it come along with 20% and on top of that I got extra 10% due to member since I reckon above certain amount, there will be free membership too. At the same time, there's summer sale for Shure earphone ES210 at $229 instead of $279. When we paid everything, my girl realised the cost was different because the cashier gave the 10% discount for Shure products and not the summer sale offered price hence my girl got back the refund on in cash instead of redoing the instalment base. $58 per mth for the entire prodcuts we got and it is way quite cheap since it is an attracting sale! My baby girl also gotten the rubber earplug for the earphone which it can plug in the ur ear. I shall take the photo for that too because I made a terrible mistake for my Shure earphone. I wanted to change the foam rubber to soft flex rubber as it is better to plug in, both of us tried ways to take out and end up I thought due to long term of staying there, it turn sticky and I tore the foam badly! My girl managed to took out in the same change leaving part of the foams on the earphone! haha.. The funniest was.. when I realised there's a plastic stick for the rest of the earphone, I quickly twisted the plastic and yes! It can COME OUT without tearing my foam! Damn stupid of me... thought of heat and long term on the earphone.. which I can use turn and take out... OMG! To think my girl believed me too! Yes.. I managed to change and spoil the very first foam and luckily it was not the one I really like :p

Before the terrific Mac shopping, we went to bridal studio for the fitting. We secured the date for first try due to my girl MTM design. Next will be the photoshoot. Hoping the design turn out nice and thanks to my sister who came to help because I had no idea after all! hahaha... We were pleased with overall and thanks to the ppl who helped out. The next thing will be car booking because we supposed to get the Jaguar if we secured and confirm the date earlier on, however when we wanted the jaguar... it had been booked and left the Mercs. Yucks... old model. So on hold for that.. and I am thinking of getting David to do make up for my girl and hoping the charging will be cheap.. I ain't sure he said free or not.. but I don't mind paying if it is cheaper then he quoted for ppl. :) I trusted his make up and of course he need to meet my girl first and will be confirming which date to go to meet him and re confirm whether we wanted David or BS side. I seem the make up from BS side... natural but.. not too ultra good thou. Hehe.. We were very anxious  and hope everything will goes well! Woot!

Time to diet and train up for photoshoot on October! :)

Kelvin confirmed with me for the model agency and they want to see me doing the shoot for the first casting before confirming. Most important is the final product and I shall see when it will happen. Hoping for the best of everything!

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