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Tuesday, June 12

Don't be fool by it's appearance. It taste as good! Yummy! The flavor is great as the feeling is totally different from what I ate before. Even after a day, the donut surface still remain crispy! The most fav will be Mocha and Strawberry!

It's located at Bukit Pangjang Plaza, Basement 1. At the end of the plaza near the Long John Silver fast food. But do expect to have long queue as its too demanding. haha.

And yes, it is call Missy Donut.







Top 3 is taken by my dearie and mine at the bottom 3. :)

Finally finished the photos processing that I taken for Teresa yesterday and while exporting from Lightroom, it took almost an hour to do so. So much of power eater.! :P Everyone is bugging me for photos since yesterday and I shall put it up later on. We had our fun taking photos together! Haha. Should had taken the IFP Audio Team yesterday because Alex is down with virus today and unable to work today. So sad that we gonna miss one buddy out from the Team IFP Audio photo later on for the celebration of birthday and farewell party. Do love my flash a lot and most of them turn out damn nice and not as bad thou! haha. I shall let them judge later on when I put it up on the server for them to download.

Today valuator is coming to our 'new' house to do valuation and hoping there's increase of valuation. Many ppl thought why do I want the increase! Reason is simple. Previous valuation is 330K and asking price is 340K. We have to pay 10K in cash to seller and paid up 5K previously. Now the remaining of 5K will depend on the valuator give the amount of how much this house will value. If the valuation go up to 3K more, and it will be 333K and minus off the deal price of 340K give us 7K. As we had paid 5K previously, we just need to top up 2K more to match the 340K. 340K is our margin line and be it up or low, the difference will be either we pay more or less. However, we be hoping for up due to property bloom. My friend been so nice to say it will worth 350K! haha.. If it is, the seller got to pay me back 10K from the dealed price at 340K! haha. I can only finger cross that the price go up higher then we expected. If only it goes to 335K, the remaining 5K we owed turn to zero. hehe.. *praying hard*

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