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Friday, June 29

Again of my long blogging time. I shall cut real short this time and start from few days before until right now at this moment.

I met up with some other guys for certain issue to discuss at Ice Cold Beer and it is terrific place since.. ok that's my first time there. I didn't want to order anything until the waiter approached me so I asked Hoegarden since I had not have that for mths? LOL. Before I left, one of my pal drop me a bottle of beer which I was told that it's from German. Yeah.. icy beer really taste fantastic! I left around 10.45pm and hate it of the entire smell on my shirt! Liquor, cig... oh dear... it seem like the past after the clubbing session with my hardcore chiongster! To think I took the bus home and let the rest of the passenger enjoyed the smell of ME! LOL

I took Kelvin PSP home to do some upgrading firmware because he can't seem to play his transformer on the firmware of 3.03OE-A and I tested his game on mine which is 3.40OE-A and it works flawlessly! That's incredible though! Happily I brought to my office and did the upgrading, no issue until the moment I tried to overwrite the folder which I had saved it from Kelvin PSP earlier on. God damn it! It appear destination full thus I cannot transfer it and logout the PSP from the recovery mode which I hope to go and clean part of the data in his mem stick. Best part, that wasn't the issue after all because it's the on board psp itself! Yes.. I got his PSP half bricked! I was so worried and I been requesting help from the forum. Someone gave me the link to reflash it! Phew!!!! After 1-2 hr of struggle, Kelvin PSP is back alive and yes everything work just fine. Only his XMB customisation can't work on him which I had no idea why because I am able to use it on mine and not his.

I met him up at night for dinner at Hong Lim market and proudly hand over the lovingly PSP to him. He almost want to buy a new one since it was bricked and I do not want him to come to this situation. I felt so guilty about it! I got a wonderful chicken rice treat from him but in return I got to help him push start the bike which Joe left to him for care. Anyway, I was free so I oblige. I pushed the bike for 4 times which about 20m each time for the fullness strength, bike was working and yet not for long! It break down again and I did another 3 more time of running! Phew!!! It works! The reason was Joe bike had too many lights on it and it drained out the entire battery which make Kelvin can't even start the wonderful Fazer 1000 engine! Haha.. Indeed a lovely bike. He was lucky that I was there to help haha.. if not he got to approach the other ppl sitting down for relaxation! Haha..

I walked to Chang Jiang ocmplex to take the bus in the very tiring mode but yet felt energetic due to the exercise. 190 came but it was like an antique bus which I thought the aircon will be strong! Yah.. its another situation thou! I sat at the back with the damn heat from the engine, with little air con... oh my god.. I can said that most of the ppl in the bus were feeling damn hot and sweaty! Yucks! There's a father and son sat behind me kept complaining hot and father kept blaming the son why sit behind. We even open the window (as I mentioned it is old bus), NO USE! HOT. PIE jam.. BKE also Jam... accident and bus breakdown.. that's like SUANA bus! Ok.. finally I got to 'enjoy' the feeling of the past! But the only thing was how can I paid for an air con bus fee when the air con is totally way too small that I had to wipe my sweat! What the hell?

I was on leave today as my dad went for eye operation. Was there for 4hrs before we can make a move. We Q at the cab stand and waited for a long time before cabs after cabs came... I heard the family at the first Q wanted to go Lornie.. ?? So most of the cab had their signboard shown will not go there because of changing shift timing. I saw the top : C.C.K. and the board Choa Chu Kang and I waited for a while till it was at the first Q. The family can't took due to the wrong destination, so the cab driver almost drove off when I stepped out and ask if Jalan Teck Whye on the way? He nodded and I asked my dad to come over till one of the old man grabbed my arm said Line Up with the stare on his eye! I was fucking pissed that I HUH? This cab go to CCK!. My dad strangely said:"Ya ya.. he also teck whye". Ok.. fine.. I let the 2 fucker asked.. Bloody shitty ppl do not have eyes to see CCK signboard! The 2 guys immediately went back to Q again since the cabby can't take him.. and my dad again let another family go and asked.. they attempted to board the cab until the passenger said:"Hougang" I heard the cabby asking:"Where that Teck Whye guy?!" He was confused and showed them the Signboard" Choa Chu Kang!" Ok.. the rest had no issue with me and I asked my dad to board the cab faster... what a commotion! Why can't they freaking open the bloody eyes?!! Thats so furious!!!! The cab driver asked what happened and I told him the truth in short:"They thought I jumped Q" He applauded that we let the ppl asked because they had nuthing to say at all because I am in no wrong! What a DAY! Argh..

Now I badly need a CDJ to practise and I got some negative answer.. oh well.. I learned not to be too good, oblige to others because good man doesn't get pay off the kindness! I was wrong to treat ppl good or is it ppl changed or... someone give pointers not to get near me. I tried not to think too much and remain calm. "So Be It" At least I know who is good to me... I appreciate those who had helped me.. and I will rem you for life. Your are my good bros...

I finally know where Phantom located and hope that the shoot will carry out ASAP.

My dopod got delayed again... simple to put it in. Supplier gave our set to other shop and promised to give us the dopod with Bluetooth set and it will packed together in the box but the BT had no stock... so.. patience for another week. At least the set were here... due to the set and BT must be packed together, I cannot collect just the set alone. sigh

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